Please remember will now end at 5am PST/1pm UST

Hey there fellows addicts!

Just want to remind you events will end at the new time. And that includes the current event, Bake It Happen, that will end on 9th December, at the new time of 5am PST (UTC 1pm).


5 responses to “Please remember will now end at 5am PST/1pm UST

  1. does that mean as soon as it’s 5;01am PST/1:01pm UST, it will switch to the new event? used to be in the middle of the morning, but now this is midnight my time, so potentially advantageous (sleep be damned!).


    • Sometimes the new event can start quite quickly after old event other times few others delay, or longer but you’ll know if it’s longer as they usually extend the old event


  2. Then why does the countdown timer show end at 6pm ust?


    • I think your looking at the stamp card timer, it’s showing a different time from the event timer but I reckon it will go with the event. I am trying to get them to sort out all these timer issues


  3. That moment when I have 114 cookies


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