Update Alert – App Version IOS 3.6.3 & Android 3.6.3!!!

Hi fellow addicts

There’s updates in the App Store and Google Playstore, App Versions IOS 3.6.3 and Android 3.6.3.

The update will prepare your game for the upcoming Christmas event which should launch after the current event ends tomorrow.

It also reports a fix for Consuela’s Vacuum but be aware the function is still missing in our games at this time.

The main update info is as follows:

The Family Guy: Xmas event is here, from the Writers of Family Guy!

Consuela’s Vacuum no longer freezes the game
Save data optimization
Alternate Quahog

As well as this it added a Christmas game icon, (I only see this on IOS), and loading screen. Both look like they have returned from Christmas past.

15 responses to “Update Alert – App Version IOS 3.6.3 & Android 3.6.3!!!

  1. What is the point in providing a fix for the vacuum cleaner and then not enabling it, it is kind of saying that we don’t trust the fix and how is anybody supposed to test it to know if it works if they can’t use it.


    • I can only assume the fix either hasn’t worked out in testing or waiting on someone push button to reactuvated the Vacuum, I’ve asked the question


  2. Everybody boycott this game game for now. Consuela vacuum. Characters progress not getting found. Not looking good at all.


  3. Yes. Just to reiterate as well. This quest and last quest and still no Consuela vacuum.


  4. Consuela’s Vacuum no longer freezes the game….as its completely gone from my update!


  5. It’s nice that they fixed the vacuum, but it’s still disabled in game. It would be nice if they re-enabled it.


  6. Updated my game. Vac is still missing.


  7. No vacuum fix for iOS…:-(


  8. just updated the game played for 5 minutes and it crashed 3 times


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