Event News – Mr Herbert, Tim Tucker, Christmas Morning Stewie now drops Cats in Phase 2

Hi fellow addicts

Just incase you miss it in the phase 2 overview post, wanted make you aware of the new Cat drops. But remember you need to be in Phase 2 to see this drop. 

19 responses to “Event News – Mr Herbert, Tim Tucker, Christmas Morning Stewie now drops Cats in Phase 2

  1. Do you know if anything is being done to fix the crashing issue? Only started for me today but game doesn’t stay on for longer than about 10 secs.


  2. So does Tom Tucker in phase 2.


  3. Tom Tucker also has a 6 hour task in my game to earn cats.


  4. Tom Tucker has a 6h task that drops cats too now.


  5. Queen Esquijarosa

    in case you don’t know, Tom Tucker also drops cats.


  6. Thanks for the heads up. It’s not like they make it easy to find out. If you go to the ornament hunt page and click on the “i” next to where the number of cats you have is, it just takes you to the main page instead of telling you where to get cats.


  7. Did anyone else’s game break today? I can’t load in for more than a few seconds without it crashing. I’m on an iPhone 12 so it should work correctly.


    • There’s some random complaints of crashing by few players, if you’ve saved your game to an account maybe try a fresh install


  8. Tom Tucker also drops cats and presents now – 6 hour task.


  9. I went through all my characters and Tom Tucker does also


  10. So does Tom Tucker.


  11. Herbert does not have that option for me…. ?


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