Event News – Winter Meg Unlock Requirements

Hi fellow addicts

Just to confirm there hasn’t been any reduction in the requirements to unlock Winter Meg, I’d therefore advise if you’re trying to get her to ignore the main Questline and concentrate on her unlock requirements only.

If you feel strongly about this you can also message Jam City game support and gently remind them that her requirements are an extremely tough ask, I’ve mentioned this to them already.


9 responses to “Event News – Winter Meg Unlock Requirements

  1. The problem for Meg isn’t the fire elixir, it’s the water elixir to get the fire elixir. The drop is uncommon and is every 8 hours. I can only collect after an 8-hour task twice per day per character, and it took three tries for each character for me to get the first drop, and that took 1.5 days. At this pace even if the drop were always it would take 6 days to get enough elixir to fully defeat the fire monster (25) and get the max fire elixir (unknown). If the max amount it provides is less than 30, Winter Meg will be impossible. An uncommon drop should be from a task no more than 4 or 6 hours for more collection opportunities in a single day. No I am not setting an alarm for midnight to wake up to play the game.


  2. How many water elixers are needed to get the full 5x? Could you please tell what the payout is for each x? Is the full 5x payout enough to get the 30 needed? Thanks so much. I really think it’s ridiculous that Stewie and Lois are the only players to get water elixers at 8 hours each AND the payouts uncommon. Even reducing the amount to 30 doesn’t help enough. I wish they would also reduce the 8 hours to at least maybe 6 to give a better shot. I don’t mind it being tough to the point that if you play very consistently it takes you to end time to get everything, but this one seems unobtainable unless you spend a lot of clams. I hope I end up wrong.


  3. When does Meg show up? I am on phase 3 and still no Meg.


  4. It would not be so bad if they credited us for the materials we earned the last time for those of us playing then. From the questline it seems that Jam City seems to think we can get her more easily since she is needed for Step 5 of the quest. Strange.


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