FGQFS Master Costume List

In the many years of gameplay in Family Guy: The Quest For Stuff, there’s been a whole cast of character costumes to collect in our efforts to have fun in Quahog! These character costumes are as varied as they are many, so I thought it would be handy to have a master list of past character costumes which can be updated as new ones are introduced. In short a post containing every character costume released in the game.

The character costumes  are listed in alphabetical order of the name of the base character, and here you will only find costumes, not characters, you’ll find a master list of characters by clicking HERE.

***Thank to fellow addict txusmcfamilyguy for sending me their list to compare with mine***

***Please let me know if I’ve missed any costumes or of any errors in the comments and I’ll get them fixed***

Total Costumes in Game – 424 as of today.

Bonnie Swanson

90’s Bonnie
Aerobics Bonnie
Bloody Bonnie
Cheerleader Bonnie
Cheetah Bonnie
Fencing Bonnie
Figure Skater Bonnie
Flapper Bonnie
Miss Bonnita
Mob Wife Bonnie
Snow Angel Bonnie
Street Racer Bonnie
Stripper Bonnie
Vedette Bonnie
Yellow Ranger Bonnie

Brain Damaged Horse

Brain Damaged Ox

Brian Griffin

80s Gamer Brian
Actor Brian
Admiral Brian
Bachelor Brian
Batman Brian
Biker Brian
Burnt Out Brian
Confused Dazed Brian
Drug Sniffing Dog Brian
Fat Brian
Fat Husband Brian
Fire Dog Brian
Fit Brian
Gay Couple Brian
Goldar Brian
Hipster Brian
Jester Brian
Lady Brian
Letterman Brian
Lounge Lizard Brian
Mayan Warrior Brian
New Years Brian
Pink Brian
Puppy Brian
PB & J Brian
Rapper Brian
Reindeer Brian
Roaring 20s Briain
Saber Tooth Brian
Secret Spy Brian
Showgirl Brian
St Patrick’s Brian
Tiger Brian
Wild Brian
Winter Brian
Yogi Fighter Brian


Angel Bruce
Barista Bruce
Mermaid Bruce
Wedding Suit Bruce
Work out Bruce
Zoo Worker Bruce


Duke of Lacrosse Team Carter

Chris Griffin

Apollo Chris
Blunderlips Chris
Cardboard Armor Chris
Chemically Castrated Chris
Chess Knight Chris
Condom Chris
Dino Chris
Farmer Chris
Fat Camp Chris
Football Chris
Franken Chris
Goth Chris
Green Ranger Chris
Gunsmith Chris
Hawkman Chris
Italian Plumber Chris
Klingon Chris
Lady Chris
Loincloth Chris
Mountain Man Chris
Nerd Chris
Pit Stop Chris
Sexy Firefighter Chris
Skinny Cowboy Chris
Stars And Stripes Chris
Sumo Chris
Survivor Chris
Tuxedo Chris
Winter Chris
Zombie Chris


80s Pop Star Cleveland
90’s Cleveland
Bad Boy Cleveland
Black Ranger Cleveland
Cowboy Cleveland
Fight Promoter Cleveland
Future Council Cleveland
Game Show Cleveland
Ghostbuster Cleveland
K-Pop Cleveland
Miami Cop Cleveland
Renegade Cleveland
St Patrick’s Cleveland
Statue Of Liberty Cleveland
Stick Up Cleveland


Sexy Witch Connie


Borg Consuela
Death Goddess Conseula
Dia De Los Muertos Consuela
Kingpin Consuela
Madam Consuela
Warlord Consuela


Angel of Death
Beach Bum Death
Hippie Death

Dr Hartman

Alternative Medicine Dr Hartman
Mad Scientist Hartman

Fairy Tale Meg

Human Fairy Tale Meg

Giant Chicken

Bald Eagle Giant Chicken
Kentucky Fried Giant Chicken
Kung Pow Giant Chicken


Flash God


Clown Herbert
DJ Herbert
Edo Herbert
Kung Fu Herbert
Prospector Herbert
Veteran Herbert
Youth Scout Herbert

Hot Teen Ruth

Feline Ruth

Human Rupert

Borg Human Rupert
Starfleet Human Rupert

James Woods

Peter James Woods


Stripper Jerome


Touchdown Jesus


New Year’s Jillian

Jock Neil

Boy Virgin Neil

Joe Swanson

Bad Boy Joe
Blue Ranger Joe
Bobsledder Joe
Captain Pike Joe
Centaur Joe
Circus Joe
Cop Joe
Delivery Boy Joe
Demon Hunter Joe
Empire State Building Joe
Ghostbuster Joe
Great Outdoors Joe
Gunsinger Joe
Jarra Joe
Jetpack Joe
Jingle Joe
Jock Joe
Joe Lion
K-Pop Joe
Mecha Joe
Moustache PI Joe
Paleo Joe
Prison Joe
Race Car Driver Joe
Sidewalk Joe
Toy Car Joe
Walking Joe


Jean-Luc Picard

Lois Griffin

8-bit Lois
90’s Lois
Barmaid Lois
Bell Bottom Lois
Bolo Tie Lois
Boxer Lois
Cancer Lois
Caroller Lois
Catwoman Lois
Cavewoman Lois
Executive Lois
Farmer Lois
Fat Lois
FBI Lois
Figure Skater Lois
Flag Girl Lois
Glamping Lois
Great Baker Lois
Imperator Lois
Jailhouse Lois
Joan of Arc Lois
Lifeguard Lois
Lonely Wife Lois
Midlife Crisis Lois
Mob Wife Lois
Natural Foodie Lois
Painted Lady Lois
Pink Ranger Lois
Pirate Queen Lois
Rambo Lois
Red Hot
Rich Widow Lois
S&M Lois
Schoolgirl Lois
Sexy Santa Lois
Slasher Bait Lois
Social Media Lois
Spacewoman Lois
Starfleet Lois
Swamp Monster Lois
Swashbuckler Lois
Tai-Jitsu Lois
Throw It Away Lois
Troop Leader Lois
Volleyball Lois
Winter Lois
Zombie Lois

Mayor West

Onesie Mayor West

Meg Griffin

Actor Meg
Cowboy Meg
Cyberpunk Meg
Hot Meg
Jailhouse Meg
Klingon Meg
Makeover Meg
Medusa Meg
Mutant Meg
Possessed Meg
Refrigerator Meg
Slutty Cat Meg
Space Meg
Trash Meg
Wedding Dress Meg
Werewolf Meg
Wildlife Meg
Winter Meg

Mort Goldman

Exorcist Mort
Ferengi Mort
Hanukkah Mort
Miracle Elixir Salesman Mort
Pill Popper Mort
Pusher Mort
Troll Doll Mort

Neil Goldman

Mutant Neil


Shower Teen Patty

Pawtucket Pat

Candyman Pawtucket Pat

Peter Griffin

50’s Diner Peter
90’s Peter
Adventure Peter
Agent Pee
Anime Peter
Apocalypse Peter
Arena Rock Peter
Aries Peter
Axeman Peter
Bad Boy Peter
Baseball Peter
Big Pete Peter
Billionaire Peter
Bird beard Peter
Blueberry Peter
Boxer Peter
Burlesque Peter
Candy Captain Pete
Captain Peter
Captain Hammered
Captain Quahog
Chef Peter
Christmas Camo Peter
Christmas Morning Peter
Colonial Peter
Cool Kid Peter
Count Crotchula Peter
Cowboy Astronaut Millionaire Peter
Cowboy Peter
Crazy Stunt Peter
Dino Trainer Peter
Disco Peter
Dojo Peter
Easter Bunny Peter
Elf Peter
Falconer Peter
Farmer Peter
Fat Husband Peter
Forklift Peter
Game Show Peter
Gary Ratowski
Ghostbuster Peter
Gold Suit Peter
Grimm Job Peter
Handsome Peter
Hippie Peter
Hooker Peter
Impersonator Peter
Intimate Apparel Peter
I-Pop Peter
Lederhosen Peter
Long John Peter
Magic Peter
Man Bun Peter
Maxi Paddy
Mermaid Peter
Miami Cop Peter
Pee Pants the Inebriated Hobo Clown
Pete Racer
Plastic Surgery Peter
Prison Peter
Pusher Peter
Redneck Peter
Red Ranger Peter
Rockstar Peter
Rodeo Clown Peter
Rollerblading Bikini Peter
Rugged Peter
Santa Griffin
Scoutmaster Peter
Sheriff Peter
Silly Nanny Peter
Slasher Bait Peter
Snowman Peter
Space Camp Peter
Spanish Soap Opera Peter
Starbright Express Peter
Starfleet Peter
Superman Peter
The Fatfather
Throw It Awsy Peter
Toga Peter (AKA Greek Life Peter)
Tweaked Out Peter
Uncle Sam Peter
Vacation Peter
Vedette Peter
WFH Peter
Winter Peter
Zookeeper Peter

Popular Chris

Stiff Man Chris


90’s Quagmire
Actor Quagmire
American Johnny
Bathrobe Quagmire
Bee Quagmire
Captain Cold Quagmire
Cat Trainer Quagmire
Chef Quagmire
Chopper Cop Quagmire
Fried Chicken Quagmire
Ghostbuster Quagmire
Gigg-olo Quagmire
Glenda Vajmire
Greaser Quagmire
Jack the Ripper Quagmire
Jester Quagmire
Kid Quagmire
Magician Quagmire
Navy Quagmire
Pilot Quagmire
Prison Quagmire
Reveller Quaqmire
Samurai Quagmire
Scrad Quagmire
Speedo Quagmire
Stunt Driver Quagmire
Sunburnt Quagmire
Tennis Player Quagmire
The Multiplier
Vulcan Quagmire


Warrior Roger

Santa Claus

Vacation Santa


Crab Fisherman Seamus
Fancy Seamus
Firefighter Seamus
Machine Gunner Seamus

Stan Smith

Armageddon Stan

Stewie Griffin

Arquillian Stewie
Baby Bobble Stewie
Bad Trip Stewie
Belly Dancer Stewie
Blackbeard Stewie
Boxer Stewie
Brian Stewie
Cheerleader Stewie
Christmas Gnome Stewie
Chumba Wumba Stewie
Cirque De Stewie
Comic Strip Stewie
Count Of Monty Hall Stewie
Demon Stewie
Elf Stewie
Fast Food Worker Stewie
Fat Stewie
Flower Girl Stewie
Game Show Stewie
Gay Couple Stewie
Glam Cowboy Stewie
Handler Stewie
HillBilly Stewie
Iron Baby
King Stewart III
Lady Antonia Tyler Carrington
Leprechaun Stewie
Lounge Lizard Stewie
Mary Sunflower Stewie
Mutant Stewie
Ninja Stewie
Nutcracker Stewie
PB&J Stewie
Pimp Stewie
Pizza Delivery Stewie
Playwright Stewie
Rita Repulsa Stewie
Roaring 20s Stewie
Robe Stewie
Robin Stewie
Sexy Stewie
Steroid Stewie
Sweet-mouth Stewie
Talosian Stewie
Teen Mom Stewie
Vampire Duck Stewie
Winter Stewie
Zac Sawyer
Zoot Suit Stewie

Teen Stewie

Baby Booster Stewie


Gangster School Tricia
Tricia Takagaga

So there you have it, the break down of all the character costumes released in the game so far. How many costumes do you have? Any costumes you don’t have? Any you’d like to see? Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

~ Russian Tigger


11 responses to “FGQFS Master Costume List

  1. By my count there is 379 costumes to date. Arena Rock Peter missing from the list. Good work compiling and maintaining this list.


  2. I got 363 of the 378 total (includes Arena Rock Peter)


  3. Is Greek Life Peter considered to be Toga Peter? Al’s shop has him listed as the first. Thanks.


  4. You forgot when meg dressed up as a flag girl.


  5. Again, my list tallies with yours. I’ve got 300 of them also.


  6. 173 for me.


  7. I’ve got 300 of these costumes at this time.


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