What The Deuce!!!

Happy Weekend Clammers! Well we’ve all made it through another week and the weekend is here!

All week we field your comments about your frustrations in the game and we wanted to give you (and us) a way for you to voice your frustrations and get it all off of your chest.

So welcome to WHAT THE DEUCE?!

What the Deuce

Here’s your place to vent about anything and everything, Family Guy or not. Consider this your weekly bitch fest and get it all out with a good…WHAT THE DEUCE?! And start your weekend fresh! 🙂

Just be respectful of others & be mindful of the language while commenting. Censor yourselves so we don’t have to!!  

Go on, get it off your chest…you’ll feel a lot better! 🙂


11 responses to “What The Deuce!!!

  1. WTD – I finally won the jackpot on the prize wheel :O :O
    I now own ‘The Great Castle In The Sky’ (that will go into storage and never see the light of day like 90% of the other buildings I own haha)


  2. Just found this website and think its really cool, I’ve enjoyed my whole 3 minutes browsing your site, happy Family Guying!


  3. Suddenly I can no longer watch an ad to move character actions ahead by 2 hours. The button doesn’t appear any more. Anyone else having this problem?


    • It comes and goes


    • Did you recently pass about 1250 Clams saved? I recently confirmed that my Fast Forward feature came back when I dropped below about 1250 Clams, then disappeared again by the time I went up to about 1300. Other people have also mentioned “about 1200 Clams” in reference to this happening.


      • 😉


      • Yes I did! I recently bought some clams and it got me closer to 1700. Thank you for your response, so much more useful than the useless “it comes and goes” response I got earlier. Thanks!!


        • I’m afraid that’s the only response I can give as I’ve never had it in my game – I can’t test what I don’t see. Others will always add info if they can, that’s why I do the blog so players can help each other, so I’m not as useless as you think.


  4. Yikes! I just realized that Quagmire and Joe have tasks to get chocolate. I have missed two days of collecting for them. Guess I was too focused on how difficult it was going to be to get Meg. Even with the reduced requirement I probably won’t get her until Monday. Also didn’t look closely enough at RT’s overview post😢🤦🏻‍♀️


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