Event News – Wedding Dress Meg Unlock Requirements Reduced

Hi fellow addicts

Just to confirm there that Wedding Dress Meg now needs 6 Garters and not 10 as originally set. 


12 responses to “Event News – Wedding Dress Meg Unlock Requirements Reduced

  1. Németh Richárd


    Pls help me!
    I do : words of unwelcome pt.6 but i cannot continue. I have got wedding archway, gigant wedding cake, drug store parking lot, but flower shop is locked. I have got everything what is needed for flower shop. (I have got 1123 flowers) Why was locked?? I think something wrong!!!


  2. After 5 days I’ve gotten 3 garters. In my experience the uncommon drops are always harder to get than the rares. Having only one eight hour character task as the source is a recipe for disaster. I have all buildings and will probably get Bruce before Meg.


  3. As an update to my earlier post, Chris has now dropped a total of 2 garters since the event start. I’ve got 3/4 buildings unlocked and will soon hit all items for both characters except garters and sparkles. Still on Part 3.


    • I’ve had better Garter drops today so keep trying


    • Chris has been dropping 2 garters each time for me all weekend. My problem is they do not register! I have been stuck on 3 of 6 garters needed for Meg all weekend. I have a message into tinyco but no response yet.
      I suppose I’ll spend 21 clams later today if I do not get a message from them.



  4. I unlocked het today 🙂
    I also unlock black Jezus from QHS cool 🙂


  5. Bummer, that is not the item that is taking the longest. It is the corsets that are taking more, needing 21, which means 21+++ trips for peter, herbert and bonnie, for the 21 rings because they don’t always drop.


  6. Given that I’ve only gotten two garters in 48 hours of play, that means I should finally have Meg on Day 6, and finally be able to move past Part 3. Maybe by day 10, the phase will be finished. The real issue is only one character dropping, it being an uncommon drop, and an 8 hour task. Most people only get two 8 hour task tries per day, only occasionally three. This doesn’t seem much different than what they did two weeks ago for dropping the requirements for Winter Meg. The problem isn’t the amount so much as the ability to get the items because of how they’ve set up the drops.

    Unless they make Chris’ drops double, or add another character, it’s not going to make much difference to being able to get the phase done on time.


  7. Oh thank goodness. I have only 1 right now and I almost have everything else.


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