FGQFS Facespace Sets – Menu Page

You’ll find all the Facespace information your looking for in the links below.

Complete Facespace List!!!

QHS Facespace List!!!


22 responses to “FGQFS Facespace Sets – Menu Page

  1. Does popularity in the vent do anything else other than purchasing buildings?


  2. Other than buying the building for characters, what does the popularity currency do? Does it give medals at the end of and event?


  3. Tristan Robertson

    Face space posts are disappearing. I’m checking face space and I’m realizing that the posts for a lot of the characters are disappearing. Someone please explain what’s happening and how to fix it.


  4. Why was mr herberts face space posts removed ?


  5. Thank you for working on this list. I have a list from what is posted on the site, if you want to look at it. Probably missing some.


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