Connection Error/Crashing Is Back…

There’s some more game issues with freezing, crashing and connection errors. Its been reported to support.

6 responses to “Connection Error/Crashing Is Back…

  1. Twice in a row (so I spent 4 masks) when I sent Joe to the feathery float I fastforwarded each time, when I clicked on it when ready I got some message saying “Oops and I dont remember the rest” and got nothing but 5 beads. So I wasted 4 masks and 12 clams to get nothing but 10 beads. I already had the back up dancer on the 24 hour countdown from a few hours earlier but couldn’t fight her since I don’t have Jester Quagmire or Vedette Bonnie yet. So I should have actually gotten 12 (6 each time) angry sports fans which would have been 180 beads (I think? My math skills suck). Really po’d me!


    • Russian Tigger

      No, it’s not an always drop of Sports Fans,mit chance, so you can get just Beads. If you do get Sports Fans hit claim Fast as if your game crashes or you need to force close it, you need complete the investigation again and can get a different drop


  2. I can’t send Joe/Herbert on quest because they’re stuck earning medals and it keeps freezing/crashing when I try to get them out.


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