Event Glitch – Vedette Bonnie Not Dansging Casino Worker

Hi fellow addicts

Many of you, but possibly not all, are having an issue when you sent Vedette Bonnie  to fight the Casino worker. When you return to the game after the 4hrs required she doesn’t show as completing the task. Support are looking into this, I’ll update you once know more.

Ive also reported Chariot Joe not always dropping Nets.

6 responses to “Event Glitch – Vedette Bonnie Not Dansging Casino Worker

  1. The first time I fought Casino Girl, I sent both Bonnie and Quagmire to fight, even though she was only 2 health. Quagmire defeated her, but Bonnie just stood there stuck, until I spent a clam to finish her action, which had zero time remaining. Since then, I haven’t used Bonnie to fight the Casino Girl. I always use Quagmire, and that hasn’t been a problem. My first six fights had Casino Girl at only 2 health, so it was just one 4 hour fight to defeat. Even I later got some 4 health spawns, having Quagmire just fight twice hasn’t been a problem. No loss in not having Bonnie fighting.


  2. I messaged support because the only way to get her to finish is to click on a float, click on her like you are choosing her to investigate and then it brings you to her sand says her task is finished in 0 seconds and you can pay 1 clam to finish it. If you pay the clam she finishes. Support reimbursed my clams and said that they pushed a fix out to my game and I have been ok since.


  3. Happy Friday! I have not had an issue fighting the casino worker when I send both Vedette Bonnie and Jester Quagmire simultaneously. The issue I have is trying to use Vedette Bonnie to investigate the feather boat to spawn the Backup Dancers, and also trying to use regular Bonnie to earn as many of the Diamond Roulette tokens before I unlock the Decorated Instruments. For a common drop, it’s not very common. It has not gone well.


    • focus on getting the eyeshadow via fighting the casino worker as priority (if you can). once you unlock final building, it drops diamond roulette tokens every 2 hours, so you can catch up.


  4. That actually comes and goes for me. The first time she reappeared in the Griffith house, same task of fighting the Casino Girl – although no credit for that. The second time, she stayed with the Casino girl and I got credit for that one.


  5. If you send her to fight BEFORE Quagmire it seems to work as expected. Just a heads up. You can also tell when it is not working because her character isn’t shown next to the Casino Worker.


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