Sweet Booty Season Pass – A quick look

Before I start I want to repeat what I’ve said previously, Season Pass is still in testing, and part of that testing is releasing versions of it to random players to see and play with it in their games.

What those who have the feature currently see may be different to what I see due to testing.

I’m not putting this up as a teaser or as a feature overview, and it’s not a quick look at the feature as I did that in another post you can see that by clicking the link below. I’m really putting this up to answer a couple of questions I’m seeing again in the comments, and to stop those who don’t have the feature knowing why they don’t see it.

You’ll find my previous Season Pass early look post HERE. It covers the basic mechanisms of the feature.

What is Season Pass?

This is the feature that has been teased for months and is still getting tested before being rolled out to all players soon.

It’s really an additional rewards track that will appear in our games, probably running in conjunction with events.

It will let you collect Season Pass event XP, (so for this event it’s Chocokate Coins), to unlock items in a reward track.

How will I know if I’m one of the test games for Season Pass?

You’ll see the above pop up in your game.

How do I enter the Season Pass area?

You’ll see the Season Pass button at the bottom of your screen along with a timer, this timer should match the event timer.

Tap the button and you can see the Season Pass screen.

What is the Sweet Booty Season Pass?

Well there’s actually 2 prize tracks, a FREE – freemium reward track and a VIP – Premium reward track.

At the moment there is a variety of rewards from coins (groan) to clams, from decorations to characters/costumes, what you can get depends what you already have in your game and whether you are playing FREE or VIP.

Basically it says you collect XP in the reward track but if you read the box above it’s actually collecting the events main currency that increases your Season Pass XP and moves you along the track. So for this Season Pass read XP as meaning Beads.

It’s not task or rent XP that counts, it’s Chocokate Coins. If you complete a character task that awards 8 Chocokate Coins, you’ll get 8 Season Pass XP, if you get 10 Chocolate Couns for clearing a Green Jelly Bear, you’ll get 10 Season Pass XP, and if you complete a Questline part that awards 5 Chocokate Coins, you’ll get 5 Season Pass XP and so on.

Also the XP is culmative, you don’t loss any XP gathered when you collect a Tier reward.

So to answer the questions I’ve seen today the XP is Chocolate Coins and yes it’s culmative.

How do I get a VIP Season Pass?

Now this is the other question I’m being asked, and it’s harder to answer as it will cost different depending on the prizes you see in your game, but basically there’s 3 options, unlock the VIP Season Pass tiers with Clams, with your hard earned cash or there’s the option for VIP and more, also costing real world cash.

VIP & MORE  basically unlocks the ability to collect VIP tier prizes by collecting XP, plus 100 Clams. The cost for what you get extra, 100 clans, seems well off and I’ve queried this a few times.

What is the exclusive VIP reward?

In this test of Season Pass the “exclusive” reward is Gummy Brian character.

When will Season Pass be fully rolled out?

If testing goes well, it should be fully released soon, I hope everyone might get to see it during this event.

Hope this helps answer some of your questions!!! Enjoy the new feature if you have it.

29 responses to “Sweet Booty Season Pass – A quick look

  1. Does candy Brian help with the event?


  2. i bought season pass in the last event and it was a good investment, doubled my clams and then some.
    this time it’s not so good
    – 600 clams to unlock
    – 370 clams back
    – some event items that might be useful but then decorations i dont want
    – more characters i’ll no doubt never use again except to send for a medal
    so i think i’ll save my clams for the next one.

    interesting to see that some people are being asked to pay 600 clams (or 9.99 / 19.99) and others 500 (4.99 / 14.99).


  3. I have a question: Can you buy the VIP pass at any time and still get all rewards? For example, if I buy it now with, say, 1600 XP, can I still collect all the prizes below 1600 XP? I’m considereing buying it, but I’d like to see if I make it to the final XP amount first just in case.

    At first sight the VIP pass seems pretty expensive at 600 clams, but you get 295 in prizes, + 25 id dinner Peter helps you complete a Friendspace clam set. That would be 305 (or 280) clams for two outfits or characters, which usually cost 270 each. And all the other goodies.
    Also, I got from the comments here what the chest is for. Do you know what the potion is for? Is that deco or event currency or sth else?


    • Russian Tigger

      I reckon potions will be an event material. And yes you can unlock VIP at any point and the XP earned before then will count


  4. So between the $4.99 and $14.99 the only difference is 100 extra clams for the vip and more? I was trying to decide between the two.


    • Russian Tigger

      Yes, I’ve queried it in the test games as it seems off but been told the 100 Clams is definitely the only thing extra


  5. I had Season Pass when this event started on Wednesday. I didn’t buy it. However, I’m considering it now. Will I be able to collect the SP items I’ve “earned” so far, or will it start my XP track over?


  6. If you feel like it, it would be nice to have an Exclusive Reward page for the Season Pass to refer to showing all Rewards so far and in the future?


  7. Season pass is in my game now


  8. Is the VIP reward Brian a character? If you choose VIP are you able to claim the free prizes as well?


  9. It cost more now to participate in VIP therefore the clam rewards become less


  10. Didn’t have it at the start of the event, but it popped up in my game today!
    Hopefully more people are getting it too!
    Thanks for all the info RT 😊


  11. RT, do you think is worth it, spending 500 clams for getting a VIP season pass?


    • To be honest you need to look at the VIP Prizes on your Season Pass, count up clans you get, the Brian character/costume, if you get the event Silver Chest etc. We see different things so I could say yes but you see different. I think that’s one benefits you can see all the prizes before you buy the Pass. But if you do have the Chest it’s worth 99 Clams, a character or costume is usually 270 so that’s you got 369 Clams worth of stuff, then look at what else you get, Clams etc, and decide if it takes you over


  12. I decided to give VIP a try, buying with 600 clams. It looks like you get back 295 clams as you go through the tiers, plus I got 25 clams for completing a collection with 50’s Diner Peter, so the end cost is only 280 clams. You also get the Silver Treasure Chest, which drops event currency and would normally cost 99 clams (although it’s not really worth it as it’s a 24 drop of only 25 coins). With the drops of sugar and items to unlock characters too, it doesn’t seem like a bad deal for 280 clams.


    • Have to update my post. I forgot that you still get the freemium prizes when you buy the VIP tier, so there’s another 75 clams there. In the end, I’m getting back 395 clams on the original 600 clam outlay.


  13. I got the 7th VIP item and nothing appeared?


  14. It’s definitely in testing. To unlock the pass on my phone I need to spend 500 clams/$4.99/$14.99, while on my wife’s phone it’s 600 clams/$9.99/$19.99.


  15. any one getting connection error pop up since this season pass hit


  16. I used clams to unlock the VIP Season Pass in the last big event, but this time I’ll just do the free one as both the cost of clams and/or cash is too high for it to be worth it for me.


  17. I’ve got the season pass this time and it appears to cost 600 clams if you don’t want to spend real money. If I have tracked the reward tiers correctly, you will get 370 clams in return. The end result is that you’ll be spending 230 clams for the new character and additional rewards content. That’s not too bad. I may have to consider making that purchase.


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