Update Alert – App Version 4.0.6

Hi fellow addicts

There’s an update, I’m seeing it for Android and IOS, you’re looking for version 4.0.6.  Hopefully it should fix some of the recent glitches and issues.

9 responses to “Update Alert – App Version 4.0.6

  1. I got back in after support helped out.I missed 2. 1/2 days though so no chance of completing the task. Gutted as it was the first time I’d got to week 4.


  2. Hi.

    The gummy brian quest part 1 “dig up a bone” is broken. It does not register that task as a quest in his list of tasks. So i can not complete. Please advise


  3. Has anyone’s game broken since then?
    I cannot get in since yesterday and am getting an error about Config empty for I’d buzzkillington in Skins


  4. Updated on Sunday 25th and have not been able to access game since.
    Emailed support but awaiting a response.
    Using an iPad mini.


  5. Just updated and now cannot access the game.
    Using an iPad mini
    Contacted support and awaiting a reply
    I’ve never before made it to week 4 of a quest and I’m gutted to be locked out now when I’m so close to finishing the tasks.


  6. That version came out a week ago. It fixed the Consuella vacuum freeze, but none of the other freezes.


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