Sweet Booty – End of Event Feedback Page

Welcome to the latest new end of event feedback page. where today I’m asking you to tell me what you thought about the event, the characters, costumes, buildings, drops, questlines, glitches. Basically here’s the page where you can tell us everything and anything you want to feedback to Jam City, just keep it PG.  

***And remember the FAQ has the event ending today, the 28th April, at 8am PDT (UTC 3pm)*** However the Timer, which is often more accurate says 9am so you might get a few extra hours but this is not guaranteed)

Remember you can say more than you simply liked or disliked the event, such as commenting on the format, the content, what material drops held you back or irked you, what character or costume you’re mad you missed out on, or even which you weren’t fussed about getting. You can share with Jam City how glitches impacted your play, or even how support dealt with any issues you had, such as did they help you get back on track or did they fail to help you at all. Basically any thoughts you share here will be passed to Jam City. 


8 responses to “Sweet Booty – End of Event Feedback Page

  1. Has anyone received sweet Brian. The reward said it would be given at end of event?


  2. Completed this event. This recycled format is always the most difficult the last week. I had to speed the axe drops before bedtime with clams. I don’t understand why they list two Lois skins instead assigning a different character. Would’ve been great if Gummy Bear Brian dropped axes. I would definitely recommend the season pass then. My advice for future events using this format would be for players to forget about the questline and wait until there are enough items (in this case axes) to do a complete attack on the baddie.

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  3. possibly would have enjoyed it more if I didn’t lose 1 week of gameplay due to the previous update


  4. non-fast forward feature, fremium player, who didnt unlock Season Pass, struggled with drop rates on many of the items despite opening the app/playing the game more often than i have in recent weeks.
    (i dont know if having season pass helped those who got it but i didnt get it in this event because i didnt think it was cost effective for me).

    tbh im not bothered about unlocking another character that does nothing but collects medals but seems that the “curse of the uncommon drop” was well and truly back in this event, esp in the final week. a few poor drops in this case can have a big impact on being able to collect all of the required items.

    the format of “do task to get item 1 to fight enemy X up to level 5 to get item 2 to unlock character” works well when the tasks arent 8hrs long and the drop rate for Item 1 is poor.

    they also need to rethink the drop buildings. giving us a currency drop or an item drop building in Week3 for an item that was scarce in Week1 but by the time you’re in a place to unlock said building you don’t even need that item is just a waste of time and resources.
    Making the building purchase page free so you can pick which building you want to buy is always an idea people ask for but they rarely seem to implement.

    not the worst event we’ve had in this game but cetainly not the most enjoyable – 6/10


  5. Final week was unbalanced as getting axes and candy corn was too slow. Required more characters helping out.


  6. As usual, there was a character or two that did not pay out equally and there was no way I was ever going to get Meg without spending clams. In a week I did not even get halfway there.


  7. I liked phase 1 and 2. Phase 3: It was to hard to unlock Sweet Meg


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