Event News – Evil Wizard Carter Drop Change

Hi fellow addicts

As many of you will be aware they have fixed Evil Wizard Carter’s drops which means you’ll now need to defeat him 5 times instead of 1 to get the Fortune Favors for unlocking Holy Knight Cleveland. As much as the original drops were a mistake, I know defeating him 5 times will now be a very tough ask for players and is extremely disappointing as you thought you only had to defeat him once. I’d therefore ask you stress your disappointment, politely, in this post and I can bring it to supports attention. It would be a shame for this to sour what’s been a quite well paced event. 

66 responses to “Event News – Evil Wizard Carter Drop Change

  1. The Dawntreader

    This is incredibly frustrating. There is no way to defeat a 24HP enemy with only a single 4-HP damage-dealing character with a 7 hour cool down FIVE TIMES. I saw it coming, and have been attacking Evil Wizard Carter since the third week began, but I’ve only managed to subdue him twice so far. This final week is pretty well impossible to clear without premium characters, and that just sucks.


  2. I thought it was weird he dropped 15 favors when you only needed 5 originally. Wasn’t able to fight him until after the change, HOWEVER, I had only gotten 2 favors (of 5) before earlier today and when I beat earlier it finished his drops, so not sure if they raised it back up or if it was a glitch but it made me able to complete everything.


  3. I KNEW I wasn’t crazy 🤦🏾‍♀️
    But I’ve also noticed they’ve changed it yet again. It is very annoying when only one character is available to defeat a “boss”, especially when you need the prizes to unlock the only other freemium character. This is the second quest in recent times to do this 😐


  4. I can’t believe I’m the only person not happy about the task that has been set by this impossible to achieve objective – for freemium players at least.


  5. AddictKendrick

    I messaged support about the Carter change and challenge it presented. They gave me two Fortune Favors for the sudden confusion of the switch. The next time I defeated Carter, he dropped two Fortune Favors.


  6. I have been holding back finishing off Evil Wizard Carter for the first time on the hopes that the developers would revert the Fortune’s Favors back to five. And they have. So now I will be able to complain about being done a day early 🙂 Many thanks, Russian Tigger.


  7. FYI….

    Let me share with you that this is something the team is looking into. We appreciate that you took the time to share your concerns about the event and its difficulty. We understand that dealing with high HP enemies like Carter in the event’s limited time is a bit too difficult right now, especially if you don’t have many characters to help you.

    I would love to let you know that our development team is now aware of this situation with Carter spawning an incorrect amount of Fortunes Favors and it looks like this is a visual error since it should spawn 5.

    However, due to this situation, I have added 3 Fortunes Favors to your game account.


  8. Since I started the game this will be the first event I don’t finish. And they change it mid week. Greedy greedy greedy


  9. I sent a complaint to them about Wizard Carter changing to taking 5 defeats. On Monday morning I see one defeat is now back giving 15 Fortune Favors. Certainly good news!


  10. This is crazy if you’re going to make it 5 times then at least they should let us use more than one regular character!!!


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