Event News – Evil Wizard Carter’s Drop Haved Been Changed Again

Hi fellow addicts

Thanks for all your comments on the difficulties created by the drops for defeating Evil Wizard Carter, but you’ll all be glad to know support listened and you once again only need to defeat him once.


9 responses to “Event News – Evil Wizard Carter’s Drop Haved Been Changed Again

  1. Awesome, had given up but was able to get Cleveland with 13 hours left


  2. Their trick worked on me sadly. I spent clams to get barbarian peter who i didn’t want just to beat evil wizard Carter and right after they bumped the kill to just 1. Grr..


  3. Good news ad thanks, but it’s a shame they can’t backdate it. I started off saving up for one on the basis that it might appear as a task in a later level of the quest only to find that they changed the reward and, in effect, had run out of time. Having defeated Carter 3 times, I now have him on 12 with just over 23 hours left; Brian will be healed by 19:15 so I have to make sure I am awake at 2 or 3 in the morning to be able to defeat him within the required time. To be honest, its taken my enthusiasm for the game away; no point planning if the goalposts are gonna change.


  4. GREAT!!!!! THANK YOUUUU!!!!!!


  5. I started battling Carter when the reward was 15 Favours, then when i was almost done I noticed it had dropped to 1 Favour. Then I saw it jumped back up to 15 so I beat him but was only rewarded with 1 Favour.
    Sent support a message in-game and explained this to them they kindly and gifted me 1 Favour because of my troubles, giving me a total of 2!

    So i’ve messaged them again about how i’ve missed out on 14 Favours and how it took me almost 4 days to clear him with my single freemium character and there are less than 2 days left of the event so it’s looking impossible for me to beat him another time.


    • got a response already from support – they reduced Carters health down to 12 so I only needed to battle him at most 3 times with Brian, which I was able to complete with 15hrs to go.
      So a big thanks to the support guys for their assistance on this.

      Just need 3 potions to drop in the last 9hrs to unlock Cleveland. fingers crossed!


  6. So after it took me 2 days to defeat Carter NOW they decide to lower the hit!!! Getting Cleveland’s new skin is becoming the most annoying thing in this phase 😭😭😭


  7. It’s going to be impossible to earn Wizard Cleveland though! Clearly the developers are trying to get us to give up some cash! Brian is the only character that can take down Carter.


    • It is possible. I managed to defeat Carter 3 times with only 1 character. Support gave me the other 2 items I needed 1-2 days to go. I probably could’ve defeated him 4 times on my own.


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