Quahog Anime Com Event Links

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***Please note not all links will be immediately available***

phase 3

Overview Post
Main Questline – Anime Frey
Side Questline – Sensei Carter
Side Questline -Anime Fan Quagmire
Where Are You Now
Feedback Post

phase 2

Overview Post
Main Questline – Taking The Convention By Storm
Side Questline – Senpai Peter
Side Questline -Fan Service Lois
Where Are You Now
Tips For Phase 3

phase 1

Overview Post
Main Questline – Con Of The Cons
Side Questline – Super Fighter Joe
Side Questline – Academy Chris
Side Questline – Muscle Brian
Side Questline – Magical Girl Stewie
Side Questline – Monster Meg
FaceSpace Sets
Where Are You Now
Tips For Phase 2


One response to “Quahog Anime Com Event Links

  1. I thought the event was pretty good. Not as many new characters to gather up through $4.99 offers this time though. The Season Pass continues to be a heck of a good deal for $4.99!


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