Quahog Anime Con – Event Feedback Page

Welcome to the latest event feedback page. where today I’m asking you to tell me what you thought about the event, the characters, costumes, buildings, drops, questlines, glitches. Basically here’s the page where you can tell us everything and anything you want to feedback to Jam City, just keep it PG.  

Remember you can say more than you simply liked or disliked the event, such as commenting on the format, the content, what material drops held you back or irked you, what character or costume you’re mad you missed out on, or even which you weren’t fussed about getting. You can share with Jam City how glitches impacted your play, or even how support dealt with any issues you had, such as did they help you get back on track or did they fail to help you at all. Basically any thoughts you share here will be passed to Jam City. 


7 responses to “Quahog Anime Con – Event Feedback Page

  1. Cherry Bakewell

    I was disappointed they put Magical Girl Stewie into the VIP prize lane. I would’ve been okay purchasing her for 270 clams, but don’t have 600 clams so that wasn’t an option. Maybe they’ll offer us a second opportunity sometime… hope so!


  2. I wish I could trade excess items for clams or something, since there was nothing else to buy.


  3. I thought it was a very enjoyable event. I purchased my first vip season pass and was able to claim all rewards from it and finish the event 2 days early. Real quiet around here lately as far as comments, I suppose everyone is busy with life. Thanks to you folks for keeping this site going!


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