Biker – Event Feedback Page

Welcome to the latest new end of event feedback page. where today I’m asking you to tell me what you thought about the event, the characters, costumes, buildings, drops, questlines, glitches. Basically here’s the page where you can tell us everything and anything you want to feedback to Jam City, just keep it PG.  

*Remember the event is ending on the 1st September 2021 at 4PM UTC

Remember you can say more than you simply liked or disliked the event, such as commenting on the format, the content, what material drops held you back or irked you, what character or costume you’re mad you missed out on, or even which you weren’t fussed about getting. You can share with Jam City how glitches impacted your play, or even how support dealt with any issues you had, such as did they help you get back on track or did they fail to help you at all. Basically any thoughts you share here will be passed to Jam City. 


4 responses to “Biker – Event Feedback Page

  1. I’d give this event 3.75/5. The drops on Biker Stewie’s leather vests were more epic than rare. I managed to unlock the character with 5.5 hours to go, not enough to complete the tasks but I’m not too bothered about 5 clams.


    • There is something very funky going on with posting comments :). I haven’t been able to post anything for months (they just seem to disappear into a void), then my first comment didn’t show as awating moderation so I posted again….now I’ve got 2 comments. Oh well. RT I’ve read various comments lately about no activity on the site but perhaps other people are having the same problem as me – just not being able to post. I do check this site regularly and am grateful it is still here. I’ve been playing since day 1 and want to see the game out until its demise. I’ve invested too much time to give it away now. BTW – I also tried reaching out via the FB adicts page, but it appears you don’t check that?


      • Thanks, sometimes comments disappear or head to spam in error. I don’t have access to the Addicts Facebook, I think Bunny was one who had password for the FB page


  2. I’d say on the whole this event was pretty much like those before. It is achievable without spending clams if you diligently play to collect needed items. That being said, the drops on Biker Stewie’s leather vests was not rare – more like epic. Weirdly, I got the last 2 I needed to unlock him 5.5 hours before the event finished. One was from Chris and the other from the building within half an hour of each other. Not enough to left to get the clams unfortunately. I’d give this even 3.75/5.


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