New Feature – News Stand

The latest update should bring the News Stand to you game, this isnt a playable feature it’s more an area where TinyCo can communicate with players.

You’ll access it via the News Stand which will sit in front of the Griffins house. If there’s an exclamation mark that means there’s new information, so click on it.

Once in there’s 2 tabs. News & Events.

At this time clicking on the News tab just brings up an empty screen.

However the Events tab brings you up information on the current event.

So that’s all the information on this new feature. I’ll have a post up on Time Traveller Madness in next few days to prepare you for its eventual release. I’ll also cover the difficulty selector which is being worked on. So lots life left in the game it would seem.


One response to “New Feature – News Stand

  1. It has the same icon as Clam TV; and in this contest it makes less sense.

    Presumably hard times in the FGTQFS dev team if they’re unable to find a few minutes to design something more appropriate!


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