Christmas Costumes – Event Feedback Page

Welcome to the latest new end of event feedback page. where today I’m asking you to tell me what you thought about the event, the characters, costumes, buildings, drops, questlines, glitches. Basically here’s the page where you can tell us everything and anything you want to feedback to Jam City, just keep it PG.  

*Remember the event is ending today at 4PM UTC*

Remember you can say more than you simply liked or disliked the event, such as commenting on the format, the content, what material drops held you back or irked you, what character or costume you’re mad you missed out on, or even which you weren’t fussed about getting. You can share with Jam City how glitches impacted your play, or even how support dealt with any issues you had, such as did they help you get back on track or did they fail to help you at all. Basically any thoughts you share here will be passed to Jam City. 


8 responses to “Christmas Costumes – Event Feedback Page

  1. I had over 4,000 snowballs at the end of the event – those went to waste with thing to buy or unlock. Seems like an opportunity for improvement.

    Also- echoing the Death Santa unlock madness.


  2. If you didn’t have premium Tricia, it was a write-off; If you had premium Tricia (which I did), it was still mostly a write-off. At least I earned Santa Death (barely), but didn’t finish the quest line


  3. Cherry Bakewell

    It started late compared to most years, was impossible to complete without spending clams and was in other respects forgettable. Merry Xmas! 😉


  4. This was not a fun event. It was obvious from the start of the last phase that it could not be completed without making purchases.

    I basically spent the last week getting the 24 hour the clam bonuses, collecting historical society, and finish off character tasks.


  5. I think the vast majority of comments are going to be about the impossibility of getting Santa Death using only freemium Reindeer Jeffery (unless you were fortunate enough to still have FF in your game and used it constantly). Otherwise you had to either buy the deco that dropped the ornaments, or buy the season pass to get the Tricia character that also dropped ornament. For the last few days of the event, it looks like the drops turned into always (or close to it), but it was far too late by then and not even a chance to get close to having enough ornaments to run the full streak. It’s quite demoralizing to realize within the first day of a week long event that it’s impossible. If the goal is to get more people to spend money in the game, I suspect the result will be just the opposite, with people just leaving the game and never coming back.


    • They’ve assured me they’ve heard our feedback on this loud and clear


      • That’s good to hear, I hope they take the feedback on board and make some minor adjustments.

        Players want a bit of a challenge but if dev’s can’t spot an issue that regular players spot as soon as an event phase goes Live then maybe the dev’s need to start playing their own game, and as Freemium players.


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