Current Game News – Time Travel Madness Beta Testing Again

Hi addicts!!,

The Time Travel Madness feature is once again being tested in random players games. If you’ve been selected you’ll see this.

If you’ve not been chosen don’t worry it will be released fully eventually but there’s already a post up with all the current details, you’ll find it HERE.


7 responses to “Current Game News – Time Travel Madness Beta Testing Again

  1. The first test of the time machine was better. You could make jump after jump all in a row. Now, you have to either watch a commercial or spend clams just to see what you won. But you can only watch the video a few times. After that, you either spend the clams or wait 2 hours. And you don’t even know if you won anything. You could be wasting clams. It’s the final day and I held all of my time machine gems until today, thinking I could spend them all at once like the first test run. Now I’m going to run out of time since I refuse to spend clams. And would it kill them to give you some kind of instructions? Not good at all.


    • Yeah, there are 2 different tests, I agree the instant results was better but I still think both are too clam heavy to be popular with players


  2. I’ve just got this feature ans I can see what a clam trap it is to get to the higher levels, my best run so far has been 4 prizes before hitting a paradox. The feature would be a load better if the number of runs you did were cumulative, so that if you hit a paradox you were not always srarting at zero. As the week progressed you would have a better chance of getting a decent prize. At the moment I cant see the point in playing, I cant see me wasting clams or cash on it. I dont mind spending cash on the season passes, because at least you are guaranteed to get a character, some clams and medals.


  3. Well, I’m done with this test. I can’t land a streak of more than two successful time travels before losing to the void. I am not wasting 25 clams on this or even continuing to use the Time Machine, especially with the odds as brutally bad as they are. This add-on to the game is frustrating, un-fun, and makes me want to quit the whole game altogether if this is the kind of thing they are adding on going forward.
    After dealing with this, and other issues like the Spin ‘n Win that I’ve *never* won the jackpot on, despite playing it daily for several years, or the times where “common” drops never ever drop, I believe that it’s high time that the FG-TQFS team be required to show their odds (the way TSTO has been for a couple years now).


  4. johnnyicemaker

    Finally got this in my game and what happens the first time I use it? Very first Portal selection and the result I get a Time Paradox. Wow, Fun!!, Not!! This is similar to the Spin ‘n Win wheel. Have had that in my game for years since it was first released, and have NEVER won the jackpot. What are the odds of running 50 Time Jumps. If it is the same as Spin ‘n Win, don’t spend your Clams.


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