Time Travel Madness – My Results

Hi addicts!!,

The Time Travel Madness feature is once again being tested in random players games and as I’m one of them, I thought I’d share with you how many paradoxes I had to void by playing clams.

In order to do the full streak and hit 50th level to gain the new character, Porcelain Doll Doug, I had to use clams to void 22 Paradoxes at a cost of 25 clams per void, so it cost me 525 clams on paradoxes alone. Anyone else care to share their results. 

If you want more details on this feature you’ll find it HERE.


6 responses to “Time Travel Madness – My Results

  1. They tossed that crap in my game and I am on week three of not being able to play the game. Had to uninstall.


  2. I had this for the last week long event. I stopped after coming across the first paradox after something like 3 tries. This feature is terrible in my opinion. Just a blatant money grab. I don’t mind spending clams on characters and mystery boxes on occasion, but I will never spend clams on this. If I see it again, I won’t even bother trying.

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    • Thanks for your thoughts, I’ve fed back a very similar opinion on it, but always good when get other comments for support to see.


  3. The longest streak I obtained before hitting a paradox was 4. I am not spending clams on this. I hit a paradox after 1, hit a few paradoxes after 2, a couple after 3, never anything more than 4. Not worth it.

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