Current Game News – Quahog Tournament

Hi addicts!!,

Some of you, the chosen few, will see a new leaderboard feature in your game, it’s called The Quahog Tournament and involves collecting Snowballs. Unfortunately I can’t tell you any more as I’m not seeing the feature as yet. But for those who do have it, please feel free share information with other players in the comments.


2 responses to “Current Game News – Quahog Tournament

  1. I have the Tournament in my game. I’m my opinion it’s completely worthless… I even messaged them to tell them that. I’m in a group of 5,000 random people. Only the top 20 can win a prize, 17 of which are decorations. The top 3 win Speed Skater Quagmire. At the moment I have 64 snowballs. The leader has 4,104 and the person in 20th place has 232. The prizes are completely out of reach for all but the elite player, so I find this feature completely ridiculous.


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