Update Announcement

The latest announcement in the News Stand.

And sorry I know the mere mention of leaderboards brings many long term players out in hives but we’ll just need to wait and see what happens.


2 responses to “Update Announcement

  1. It has been a while since we had the leaderboards in the game but as they like to rehash old ideas that either didn’t work or people didn’t like and force them on players it’s not surprising this has come back round.

    For anyone who’s not experienced a leaderboard in-game before then my advice would be to not stress about it. There’s always going to be other players who splurge clams to rush tasks to gain extra ‘points’ and jump up the board (don’t know if FastForward feature works in players’ favour here too). If you’re a freemium player then you can’t compete so it’s best to just go at your own pace and whatever happens happens.

    I think they used to do split leaderboards too where you only complete against a certain amount of other players instead of every player the game has. There’s no way to divide the leaderboards into only Premium or Freemium types of players so you could be with 19 players who play as Freemium and 1 Premium and they just blow everyone away in order to win.

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    • Squirrel Girl

      Exactly what I said in my overview post of this leaderboard, see it as an optional extra, don’t mega spend clams. Those who have the sometimes unlimited FF also may have an advantage so best not to stress

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