We’ve hit 800 characters in the game!!!

Hey there Tribblemakers!

Just thought I’d point out that if we ignore the duplicate of Johnny in our games, Wild Bear Wild West is the 800th full character to be released. Well that’s unless I can’t count, which is a possibility.

So let’s assume I’m right and raise a glass to 8 years of gaming, 8 years of blogging and now 800 characters. Here’s hoping there’s lots more to come.


15 responses to “We’ve hit 800 characters in the game!!!

  1. On the subject of duplicate Johnny, is there a fix for this yet? I’m about 3 characters away from hitting his duplicate is QHS and would rather not have a gap after all this hard grind to get all the other levels complete.


  2. Also, is there a master list of all characters?


  3. I just recently got back into the game so I’m sitting at 159 characters. Is the 800 characters just characters or characters + costumes?


  4. That means I still have 324 to go lol. Unfortunately a lot of those past characters I may never get. 😫 However I still am so happy new ones are constantly coming out. With mystery boxes aside I’ve stayed on top of those the last 2 years.


  5. Congratulations! Also any plans yet to make it possible to play on Desktop?


  6. You are right!


  7. Now if only we had more floors in tan lines. I have too many in QHS, I’d rather have them stored in tan lines.

    By the way, thanks for keeping the updates going! You do a great job of getting the info out to us, it is much appreciated!!


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