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Where the Hell?!: Royal Cat Statue

The release of the Kingdom of the Full Moon has brought us a plethora of prizes in which to win. The “last place” prize of the event is that of the “royal cat statue.” What is it? Where did it come from? Where is it in the show? The answers to all of that and more coming up…


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Introducing: A New Writer

Hello one and all,

My name is Zack Bender. Yes, it’s real, and it is my username. Some of you may have seen my first post writing for addicts, if not:

The article was essentially a test to see how my writing looked, and was a main factor in why I am writing to you all now. As a writer for Family Guy Addicts, I plan on sharing Family Guy knowledge as it relates to the game. This will be mostly be shown through WDTCF. I am also thinking about doing speculation, and opinion posts on the site as well. But for now I am going to get out game information as it relates to the show.

As for information that relates to me, I live in sunny California, USA, and am in the midst of my college years. I had decided to write for Family Guy addicts mostly because I love the game, show, and all of you readers out there! It’s amazed me how many a person can communicate to each other and in some cases be friends with someone that lives miles away. I want to be a part of that experience while writing about a topic I love to talk about. Besides, my psychiat- uh, I mean friends and family have suggested to go out and make friends. Anyway, if you have anything to ask about the show, game, my role on the site, or anything in general I am happy to listen and reply. 🙂

Have a Clam-tastic Day!


Brian Stewie

Where did THOSE come from: Pirate edition

Hello There Clammers!

We’ve got a great post for you today!  One of our readers, zackbender, has graciously submitted a post for his fellow Clammers detailing the back story behind the Pirates in Quahog!  You may have seen Zack around the comments here at Family Guy Addicts, and his Family Guy knowledge never fails to amazing us!  So not surprising we were completely blown away by his post.  So with out further ado…take it away Zack!  Hello fellow Clammers, 

You may have recognized that the “T” in WDTCF has been replaced with a “those” instead of a “that.” So were getting double the trouble? Nope, but we are getting four times the fun with today’s WDTCF!

So what does Long John Peter’s costume, the sea dogs (or pirates) from district five of Quahog, the Jolly Roger (5 clams) and Peter’s pirate car (150 clams) have in common? They all appeared in the season six finale titled: “Long John Peter.” Boy, by the sounds of it Peter is yet again involved in another shenanigan of his. Well let’s find out what that maybe.
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