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Where did THOSE come from: Pirate edition

Hello There Clammers!

We’ve got a great post for you today!  One of our readers, zackbender, has graciously submitted a post for his fellow Clammers detailing the back story behind the Pirates in Quahog!  You may have seen Zack around the comments here at Family Guy Addicts, and his Family Guy knowledge never fails to amazing us!  So not surprising we were completely blown away by his post.  So with out further ado…take it away Zack!  Hello fellow Clammers, 

You may have recognized that the “T” in WDTCF has been replaced with a “those” instead of a “that.” So were getting double the trouble? Nope, but we are getting four times the fun with today’s WDTCF!

So what does Long John Peter’s costume, the sea dogs (or pirates) from district five of Quahog, the Jolly Roger (5 clams) and Peter’s pirate car (150 clams) have in common? They all appeared in the season six finale titled: “Long John Peter.” Boy, by the sounds of it Peter is yet again involved in another shenanigan of his. Well let’s find out what that maybe.
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Long John Peter & Peter’s of the Caribbean Walkthrough

Hello There Clammers!

One of the cool features of the Quest for Stuff is the ability to unlock additional costumes for some characters.  These costumes are not only hilarious to look at but they provide an entirely different set of tasks for the character, as well as unlocking their own questlines…filled with hilarious dialogue!

One costume you’ll earn on your Quest for Stuff is Long John Peter, a pirate costume for Peter.  This is a costume that you’ll be required to unlock as part of the main Pirate’s Cove questline, a Pirate’s Life for Peter. After you complete the main questline for Pirate’s Cove an additional quest for Long John Peter will popup with some more fun for Pirate Peter!  So let’s take you through the high seas of Quahog with Peters of the Caribbean!

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Quest for Stuff Quick Walkthroughs: Pirate’s Cove to Unlocking the Civic Center

Hello there Clammers!

We last left off our walkthrough we had unlocked Mr. Herbert and Joe and Peter was just suggesting we head over to Pirate’s Cove (District 5)…because “sometimes a guy just wants to be best friends with a bird”.  So now we pick this back up with the complete quests that will pop up while in Pirate’s Cove!

Pirate’s Cove is where you’ll unlock Seamus, Meg & have to take down a bunch of pirates!

Once again this District walkthrough is structured by questline  (Note: Questline is considered the entire task list that is required under a certain title.  For example A Pirate’s Life for Peter Pt. 1, Pt. 2 etc).  This should help you keep track of what comes next in each questline & what you’ll need to do.  Keep in mind, with this game various quests/tasks can be running at once.  You can be in the middle of 1 questline and another questline will start, however the order in which the questlines appear may be different for each game.

Unlocking characters in Pirate’s Cove takes a little more patience, as the list of “Stuff” required to unlock is longer, and the quantities of each are greater.  Take your time, try not to get frustrated when the items don’t appear.  Try a different task to unlock the item, or try working on a different item.

So let’s pick our walkthrough back up with Peter, Pirates & the quest for NEW stuff!

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