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The Best of 2016 Mini Event – The Adorables of 2016 Mystery Box

Hey there sweenies!!!

If you’ve not overdone it on the cute stuff over the holidays here’s some more to keep you sweet in the The Adorables of 2016 Mystery Box.

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The Hauntening Premium Character Questline: Brian Stewie

Who let the dogs out? Woof Woof!!!

Guess Stewie got fed up dressing as a duck for Halloween and has decided to pull on a Brian costume instead, he’s barking mad that boy, totally barking I tell you.

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The Hauntening Premium Character Profile: Brian Stewie

Is it a dog, is it a boy, no it’s Brian Stewie, mmm, not got quite the same ring as”Is it a bird….” has it? But hey it’s Stewie, and anything to do with Stewie is just super in my eyes.

Things really went bump in the night when TinyCo surprised us with a load of new content on Thursday, but after recovering from the shock I was delighted to see a new costume for my favourite Family Guy character. Guess my Stewie won’t be dressed as Blackbeard until Chrustmas after all.

And this costume comes with added bite as Brian Stewie has a task that always drops an EMF Reader which will help you investigate Spacemen. But what else can he do in our silly l’il games, well keep reading and you’ll find out.

Brian Stewie

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The Hauntening Pt.2 Is Live! Updated and Complete

Hey there Ghastly Ghosts!


And just like that…. MORE was added. I’m running through it all as fast as I can. I’ll update as I go.



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