The Hauntening Pt.2 Is Live! Updated and Complete

Hey there Ghastly Ghosts!


And just like that…. MORE was added. I’m running through it all as fast as I can. I’ll update as I go.



First up, the Basics

  • Players will need to be on the App Market Version 1.29.2 or higher in order to see the event.
  • Players will need to have at LEAST District 3 Unlocked and Al’s complete.
  • Players will only see this on the Mobile App Version (iOS, Google, Amazon, Facebook). NOT Windows Stand Alone
  • PLAY THE GAME! Items unlock in stages and as you progress, so if you do not see an item it is most likely you have not progressed far enough in the Main Questline to unlock it. Check details below for more specifics on unlock points
  • Don’t have a TON of Tasks open in your Task Menu. If you have too many open, no new ones can arrive. (Keep it under 10). If you do not see new Tasks popping up, clear out some incomplete Tasks already on your List to make room for more

Back with more in a bit…


Known Issues: Area 51 & Brian Stewie Costume. Already reported. Will update when I get word back. See info below on Area 51 in Building Section



Tricks and Treats
Peter Starts

Buy $9.99USD Worth of Clams, Get 13 Rock Salt for Free!

Purchase any Pack of Clams at the 9.99USD or higher to get the offer.
Bin of 275 Clams
Crate of 600 Clams
Drum of 1600 Clams
Tank of 3500 Clams

Now as soon as I got to Return to Rocky Point Pt. 9, the above offer was changed to a new one. 

Conspiracy Theory- 3 DAY TIMED OFFER
Peter Starts

Buy $9.99USD Worth of Clams, Get 13 EMF Readers for Free!

Purchase any Pack of Clams at the 9.99USD or higher to get the offer.
Bin of 275 Clams
Crate of 600 Clams
Drum of 1600 Clams
Tank of 3500 Clams


***in progress***Clam Iconectoplasm

Alien Capsule: 250 Clam IconClams, $55 & 35xp every 12hrs, Always drops x15 Cosmic Radiation

Area 51: 250 Clam IconClams, 14 Clam IconClams every 24hrs, Will drop Clams until 11/4. NOTE: Known issues in placing it, already reported. I was able to place it, but I am also fully into new content and Return to Rocky Point Pt. 10

FBI Basement Office: 120 Clam IconClams, Earns $45 & 30xp every 4hrs, Always drops Bugs Spray


***in progress***magnifying-glass

Unidentified Fallen Object: 200 magnifying-glassMagnifying Glasses

Pod Person: 55 magnifying-glassMagnifying Glasses

Alien Eggs: 30 magnifying-glassMagnifying Glasses

***NEW*** Cemetary Fence: 10 magnifying-glassMagnifying Glasses



Pack of 7 EMF Readers: 65 Clam IconClams

Pack of 14 EMF Readers: 125 Clam IconClams



***in progress***

NEW Carl (yes, new, not same one as before): You will need to get to Return to Rocky Point Pt. 10 first, then trigger Speak to the Manager. You will then be directed to another section of Parking Lot where you will find his Hammer to “repair” him. $1000 & Instant.
Once repaired, you can then start collection…
55 Alien Bobbleheads (Always): Clear Buggy Alien
10 Losing Lottery Tickets (Common): Herbert Freeze Popsicles OR Legitimate Business (Concierge 5x)
15 Trivia Questions (Uncommon): Bruce Make Bathtub Gin OR Quagmire Enjoy Carrots OR Alien Autopsy Lab (Concierge 11x)
4 Popcorn (Rare): Probe Plant (Concierge 4x)
4 Alf DVDs (Rare): Clear Spacemen

Brian Stewie: 280 Clam IconClams, Always drops EMF Readers (6hrs)

FBI Lois
~See Extraterrestrial Mystery Box below

Little Green Man: See Concierge Below



A new Clam Goody Box has dropped into the game along with all the new content. Will go into more details and my personal results in another post. For now, here are the Basics of what you can find inside for 130 Clams.

Roger (Character)
Lyle (Character)
FBI Lois (Costume): Fully Tasked, Comes with Questline, Helps Clear Spacemen
Scooter Man (Animated Decoration)
150 Clams

The following items CAN REPEAT
6 Skeleton Keys
27 Ectoplasm
45 Cosmic Radiation

Remember, these are OPTIONAL and your results will always vary. It is up to you to decide if it is worth it to give it a go.



More info on Cases HERE 

We are still in Case #1. The new one won’t open til next week.




More info on the Hotel HERE



***in progress***

Valet: Here is your “Al’s” while you are at the Haunted Hotel. Tap on it to see what Characters are available to unlock (not all may show in this play area)

Billiard Room: If you tap on the ! above it, you will see things you can search for and what it will take to do so. This will be the first room you can access

Elevator Shaft: Many of your Characters will use this location to preform tasks while in the Haunted Hotel. Check here first if you can’t find them.

Piano Lounge: You will see this locked when you first enter. During Return to Rocky Point Pt 4, will direct you to unlock it and start “Episode 1”

Gallery/ Music Room: You will see this locked when you first enter. During Return to Rocky Point Pt 7, will direct you to unlock it and start “Episode 2”This is where you will find Poltergeists first

Secret Room: This is “hidden” behind the books in the Library

Library: This area will be locked until “Episode 3”. In week 2 release, you will need to finish up Give Up the Ghost Pt. 6 and continue Return to Rocky Point Pt 9. It will direct you to open the Library. Here is where you will release Alien.

Kitchen: This area will be locked until “Episode 3”

Garden: This area will be locked until “Episode 4”

Den: This area will be locked until “Episode 5”

Luggage Conceirge: This is the where you will see the Halloween Prize Catalogue. More info below.  BEWARE as tapping here could start a timer on the 8th Prize

Front Desk: Here is where you can select to Exchange Material for Skeleton Keys



More info on Poltergeists and Ghosts HERE



EMF Readers (Common): James Woods Explore the Grounds OR Joe Investigate OR Brian Stewie Watch Brian Shower From Air Vent OR Skin Suit (Concierge) OR Clams option in Shopping Cart

Cosmic Radiation: Little Green Men Abduct Cows OR Clear Spacemen OR Clear Buggy Aliens OR Alien Capsule OR Extraterrestrial Mystery Box (Chance)

Bug Spray (Common): Chris Fat Kid Hula Hoop OR Herbert Buy Candy For Kids OR Mort Swallow Jewels OR FBI Basement Office OR Flying Saucer



Return to Rocky Point. Pt. 10 will direct you to Learn About them. You will then be taken to the Library were you will be able to try releasing them similar to Ghosts & Poltergeists.  Once released, you can use the Characters to Clear them.

Material Needed:
EMF Reader = to realease from Rooms first

Release Time: 20secs to Release

Characters Used:
Sheriff Peter
FBI Lois

Clear Time: 3hrs

Chance of:
Alf DVDs
12 Cosmic Radiation
Family Guy CoinCoins

Amounts of Spacemen Found each Investigation (MY Game)



After reaching Return to Rocky Point Pt. 11 you will trigger Probing Questions. Once triggered, you will learn more About the Buggy Aliens and how to defeat them.

This is more of an Aim n Shoot style. Similar to past “Bad Guys”, you tap on a Buggy Alien and the Target Screen will appear, tap and drag a Bug Spray you collected to area where the Buggy Alien is, once the Buggy Alien is PURPLE, tap on the check mark to clear it.

Requires: Bug Spray

Bug Spray (Common): Chris Fat Kid Hula Hoop OR Herbert Buy Candy For Kids OR Mort Swallow Jewels OR FBI Basement Office OR Flying Saucer

Chance Payout Of:
1 Alien Bobbleheads
2 Cosmic Radiation




This will be your exchange area. Tap on it to see what options are available to you for Exchange. For Phase 2 you will be exchanging Cosmic Radiation for Skeleton Keys.

***in progress***

You will have some leftovers from the previous content just at first. Once you make an exchange, new options will arise.

39 ectoplasm Ectoplasm = 6 skeleton-keySkeleton Keys
**pretty much same trades leftover from last week

10 Cosmic Radiation = 9 skeleton-keySkeleton Keys
22 Cosmic Radiation = 9 skeleton-keySkeleton Keys
26 Cosmic Radiation = 9 skeleton-keySkeleton Keys
27 Cosmic Radiation = 9 skeleton-keySkeleton Keys
28 Cosmic Radiation = 9 skeleton-keySkeleton Keys
29 Cosmic Radiation = 9 skeleton-keySkeleton Keys
30 Cosmic Radiation = 9 skeleton-keySkeleton Keys
33 Cosmic Radiation = 9 skeleton-keySkeleton Keys

10 Cosmic Radiation & 20 ectoplasm Ectoplasm = 6 skeleton-keySkeleton Keys
13 Cosmic Radiation & 22 ectoplasm Ectoplasm = 6 skeleton-keySkeleton Keys
15 Cosmic Radiation & 29 ectoplasm Ectoplasm = 6 skeleton-keySkeleton Keys
18 Cosmic Radiation & 34 ectoplasm Ectoplasm = 6 skeleton-keySkeleton Keys


ectoplasmEctoplasm (Always): Ghost Post OR Clearing Ghosts OR Clearing Poltergeists

Cosmic Radiation: Little Green Men Abduct Cows OR Clear Spacemen OR Clear Buggy Aliens OR Alien Capsule OR Extraterrestrial Mystery Box (Chance)




Here you willl find the Prizes you can unlock along the way by earning Skeleton Keys. Keep in mind you have to unlock them in sequence. No jumping around for this one.

***in progress***

Raiders of the Lost Artifacts: $30 & 20xp every 4hrs, Chance Drops x1 Piece of Candy x2 Peter’s Pants x2 Cards
13 skeleton-keySkeleton Keys

Skin Suit Warehouse: $40 & 25xp every 6hrs, Chance drops EMF Reader
19 skeleton-keySkeleton Keys

Torch Juggling Alien (Animated Decoration)
7 skeleton-keySkeleton Keys

Flying Saucer: $30 & 20xp every 4hrs, Chance drops Bug Spray
17 skeleton-keySkeleton Keys

Legitimate Business: $60 & 40xp every 12hrs, Chance Drops x2 Loser Lottery Tickets
33 skeleton-keySkeleton Keys

Alien Autopsy Lab: $45 & 30xp every 8hrs, Chance Drops x2 Trivia Questions
skeleton-keySkeleton Keys

Probe Plant: $20 & 15xp every 2hrs, Chance Drops x2 Popcorn
14 skeleton-keySkeleton Keys

24 HOUR TIMER WARNING! Once you have unlocked the 7th Prize, ANYTHING that returns you to the Halloween Prize Catalogue will start the timer on the last/8th Prize. At this point you will need to decide if this Prize is really worth it to you. It WILL be hard to get and may require Clam spending to do so.

Little Green Man: FRIKKIN HARD CHARACTER, Fully Tasked, Always Drops 8 Cosmic Radiation (12hrs, Level 4)
112 skeleton-keySkeleton Keys



***in progress***

Continue Return to Rocky Point
Probing Questions



Please see the glitch post for info on this.










113 responses to “The Hauntening Pt.2 Is Live! Updated and Complete

  1. Question regarding Area 51, do you know at what time on 11/4 the building will stop dropping clams?


  2. How are you supposed to clear probing questions part 5 as it requires carl to be free and now with the timer above his head stating that he has just over a day before it runs out I have no chance of collecting the 7 remaining lottery tickets which you can only get from two places and take 12 hours each to obtain, not including the other parts.


    • If you haven’t unlocked Carl you can’t complete the Probing Questions Questline. As far as we’re aware it will leave the game when Case 1 ends tomorrow so it shouldn’t have any baring on starting Case 2.


  3. I’m having the same issues. Joe alone can’t produce enough EMF to get enough aliens for peter to fight in order to get enough cosmic radiation to get more keys. It took two days to get the first building on page two. I need to be collecting two buildings per day to have a prayer of getting Carl. I’m also struggling with the bug sprays. Even with 3 characters making them at what is supposed to be a common rate I’m only getting them consistently from Chris. Which means I’m only getting 1 every 4 hours. At this rate I won’t be able to bring Carl down enough to finish buying him with clams. If all three were dropping constantly and I could reassign every 4 hours exactly for the next three days 5 times per day and didn’t miss more than one collection i could make the deadline. That’s unrealistic since I work and I have to sleep at some point. I’m pretty much stuck.


  4. Same issue, only Joe’s able to get EMF meters. The few I’ve gotten haven’t netted me any aliens. Can’t move forward. Not going to pay for EMF meters especially with the drop rate so bad.


  5. I mentioned this on another section, but I’m having the same drop-rate problem and no-shows as others here, I was hoping this was going to get fixed but as of this morning after a re-cycle of the game, the drop rates are still terribad and using items for aliens/poltergeists/ghosts are just not working, I keep getting an X with nothing found. So add another report to your contact with T.Co, they’re literally making it impossible to move forward with this game now.


  6. I’ve got Area 51 but so far it’s not dropping clams. Only two days in so hopefully the glitch will be sorted soon. Will report it anyway.


    • Remember they can auto collect when you use Consuella vacuum, when you collect this way there is no visual drop but they add to your clam total. Check incase that’s happening, if not you’ve done right thing contacting TinyCo.

      Liked by 1 person

  7. I have cleared several poltergeists a d have received no crates at all. The drop rates have been frustrating so far


  8. Same issues with the Poltergeists here.

    Before I cleared about 8 and only received 1 crate in return. Now I have spent about 6 chains on releasing Poltergeists, but it’s a no-show.

    So I’m stuck at Probing questions pt. 2, because I can’t let James Woods have a nap…


  9. Same issues with Poltergeists here…

    I’ve spent about 8 chains already, but Poltergeists are just not showing up. I only have 1 crate for unlocking James Woods (after clearing about 8 Poltergeists already), so it’s going extremely slow.

    I’m now at Probing Questions 2 and are stuck because I can’t let James Woods take a nap…


  10. Green aliens found in MY game: 0, 0, 1, 0, 0, 0. Only Joe available so 6 hours between each of these!


    • wildthornberry88

      I’ve only had 1 so far too, hopefully the rate picks up soon!


    • I got 2 aliens out of trying 9 rooms. Gonna be tough to gain headway at this rate.


    • My drops are pretty dismal as well. From the start I only had Joe, so 6 hours between drops(and that’s if he did drop the EMF): aliens found=0,0,0,0,2, then i was able to unlock James Woods and found 0,0,0,2,0,0,1,1. Pretty sad when you have to have the radiation to continue in the concierge. Soooo many keys needed to get Carl! Don’t see it happening by the end of case 1.


    • It would seem this is a common problem. To date my last 15 EMF searches have yielded 0 aliens. This of course makes it impossible to progress since the next character can only be unlocked by the buildings in the Concierge. Very disappointing.


  11. 2 days, 8 chains and 3 EMF readers. Absolutely no drops. Of I hadn’t spent clams on this event I would pass on it. Kind of discouraging. Anyway, thanks for all you do to help.


  12. I read that this is still Case 1. Does that mean collecting for Carl needs to be completed by October 14?


  13. I spent $9.99 on clams to get the 13 EMF readers. I also received one from from Joe completing his job. So I had 14. I have used 8 readers and I still have ZERO aliens. I can only use Joe at this time to get the readers, but at 6 hour job time, and getting ZERO aliens after 8 tries, I will never get an alien! Could this be a glitch? I already emailed Tinyco, but wanted to find out if others are having this problem, or is it just me?


  14. Is this part in case 1 or is it part from case 2?


  15. Hahaha, and again a big fat ZERO ALIENS!!! Sooooooooooooooo disheartening. I almost want to give up😣


    • Before you try again, reset your game. Exit completely out and restart your device. Then try again. Also, please report it to TinyCo. I am too… but it helps if the impacted person messages in too so they can see the game if needed.


      • Yes ma’am!! Thanks again, you’re always full of good advice!! 😉


      • Turned off device. Still only had 1 alien in 6 attempts. And with only Joe available to get the EMF readers every 6 hours, looks like I will be missing an actual FG character (Carl). Don’t really care when it’s a celebrity but this is annoying. James Woods needs another 5 successful drops of candy so will get him eventually but Carl probably needs an extra week or two at this rate.


      • I restarted my phone, messaged TinyCo in game, and finally had an alien show up!!! Was able to complete the Rocky questline and so all the bugs invaded!!! Super happy I am able to finally get to buy some buildings in the concierge with hopes I’ll be able to get enough popcorn and bobbleheads for Carl. Wish me luck!



  16. Just did the economics on the Little Green Man

    Unless my maths is messed up, the payback on keys expended is a bit over 16 days, plus the time to get him to level 4

    Drops 8 CR every 12 hours, 16 per day at level 4

    Best return rate looks to be the average of ectoplasm plus CR for a 6 key drop – say 14 CR per 6 keys on average

    (112 keys reqd/(16 drop per day/14 spent))/6 keys = 16.33 days

    Plus time to reach level 4

    It seems to me that in 3 weeks time cosmic radiation will be a less useful resource, so plan on skipping him and use the keys to build up ahead of the next release


  17. I don’t know if anyone commented on this yet, but 55 Aliens to get Carl and you only get 1 per Bug Spray use? That’s gonna be down to the wire to even have a chance in the next 7 days, if Carl is only til Episode 1 ends…. I’m doing very well so far but this is kind of ridiculous, should give 2 Aliens per spray…


    • Exactly what I have been thinking. Love this game but I’ve only got 2 aliens so far so not holding out much hope. Still you never know sometimes they look at drops and realise they have been a bit unrealistic and help us out. So fingers and toes crossed.


  18. Ok, so I just went and blew more money on 275 clams. I received the 13 flashlights or whatever they are. I used one, discovered an alien, & it’s saying that I CAN’T defeat it unless I have FBI Lois.
    So FBI Lois can ONLY be obtained by taking a huge risk with the mystery box!? That seems a bit over-the-top; ESPECIALLY for those of us who actually spend money on this game on a regular basis. Please tell me that I missed something?
    Now I’m not sure what to spend my clams on!


  19. So: The way I see it, as long as I don’t trigger Give Up The Ghost Pt. 6, I can keep using ONLY Ectoplasm to buy keys… (I have a task, Have Sheriff Peter Hide in the Closet, which I can easily avoid doing until I clear the Poltergeists that are currently roaming around Rocky Point.) Once I build up keys this way, I will trigger “Part 2”. Other than a delay in starting collecting for Part 2 items, does anyone see a flaw in this plan? 🙂


  20. I accidentally got the alien that drops plasma balls, but I like him so I don’t mind. I meant to buy area 51, lol.

    I was able to place my area 51 without problems last night, so it looks like I lucked out on both counts. The clams and plasma balls will come in handy.


  21. This update to have part 2 of case 1 is NOT FAIR!!! The exchange for 6 keys should have stayed the old currency (ectoplasm) and the higher key exchange for the old currency plus the new radiation! That would have been fair! My game shows 6 keys-18 radiation & 34 ecto; 9keys- only 10 radiation… Now I have a stock pile of materials (salt & chains) that i worked hard to earn that are useless because there is no point to waste time to get more ectoplasm when the new exchange is for the lesser amount of keys and MORE of the new (radiation) verses it is to get the higher key exchange of 9 with less radiation! Not fair and should be changed!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • It will vary… I’m still needing Ectoplasm so getting all I can


    • This isn’t exactly a new thing. This has been the consistent process anytime we do these exchanges. Expect this to continue with future weeks. I’d recommend always swapping for keys as soon as you have the materials because as soon as a new material becomes available, it will be required.

      Better to have a stockpile of keys from the previous week so you can pick up the first few items in the concierge immediately.


    • I 100% AGREE!! My concierge is the same drops ATM. This has made the game almost impossible to move forward!!!! The EMF readers are meant to be a “common” drop but only Joe can get them?!? (I’m a freemium player and not going to spend 280 on a SKIN for Stewie, also don’t have James Woods unlocked yet) And not to mention Joe takes six hours to make one?! My first EMF found Zero aliens, my 2nd attempt he didn’t drop one, I can’t get keys until I find and kill a stupid alien so I can’t get the building that drops them either. I am now, 18 hours delayed due to this “update” oh and that’s not counting the 3 hours it going to take to kill the alien, so yea 21 hours delayed–thats nearly a full day before I can even see the bug questline?!? Come on TinyCo!! UNFAIR!!


      • I am passing on all concerns. We are not even 24hrs yet into the new content… so waiting to see how it continues to play out from here. I will keep an eye on it. 😉


      • Agreed. Can only use Joe to get the readers until I get double drops of candy at 8 hours a time (if they dropped every time) for James Woods. Joe’s task takes 6 hours. So far he has found 2 readers in 2 attempts (that’s it for the day) and both times found no aliens. Therefore stuck on the questline, can’t get keys for the first prize of part 2, so can’t make much progress on Carl… the first actual FG character in a while and hence desperately wanted.

        Was going so well and I thought case 1 which still has days to go was going to be nice a slow paced for once… not realising there was another part to it 😦


    • I agree, I am seeing the same odd exchange rates. I thought it was great that the first new building we can get will drop the last items I need to unlock James Woods. It is now going to take FOREVER to get enough Cosmic Radiation to get any keys. And my first attempt to release a Space man resulted in none. Of course, I could do it faster with James Woods, but…
      (Bunny, I know you always say to wait and see how it plays out, but this seems ridiculous!)


      • With it not even 24hrs into the new content… it’s hard to see how it will play out just yet. I am still messing around with it myself. No worries, I will continue to watch and supply feedback on it. 😉


    • To expand on my first post: I was not trying to hoard the resources and was exchanging for keys as soon I could. I waited for the building drops to do their jobs to get sheriff Peter and focus the characters on getting the materials for the multi step exchange process & bc after getting sheriff would be one less to collect plus not a poltergeist every time (I’ve only played the pirates event and the first resource was the limiting one). And I was clearing/restarting Sheriff quickly. I had enough keys to get the first 2 buildings to get started on the alien portion. But now have tons of chains & as soon as I unlock James woods (almost done) & start getting aliens wont be able to use chains & clear poltergeist so will be useless.
      I did expect a combination of materials for the key exchange but did not expect it until case 2 so thats why I didnt rush getting sheriff, thinking I had time to use what I had. And now being held up by the new materials with a new set of stuff to get and not even in the next case yet! Several attempts with readers and no aliens so cant unlock bugs so no progerss towards this half so far…
      I know it is just the start of this part & everyone is in the same boat, but it was just really frustrating having this thrown in !


  22. I’m still waiting on Reese’s pieces to drop! Still need 5 more. Idk how it is I got all the other needed items for James woods, but the “uncommon” candy drops just aren’t dropping. & just used 5 emf readers but “nothing found” for all 5. That’s discouraging. Excited to say that I had saved up some keys & as soon as the new content arrived, I was able to purchase all the new buildings-tho my timer started on the alien. Yikes! MighT make it in time. Fingers crossed! Overall happy with the event so far…perplexed on those dang Reese’s pieces tho!


    • Discouraging and downright pathetic. 0-3 myself.


    • 0 out of 3, and only one way to get the EMF reader, takes 6 hours and that’s if you even get one. Exchanging items is brought to a sketching halt, which in turn can’t get anything from the catalog, which means nothing for Carl, etc, etc, etc. Timers ticking away, making no progress and for what, just to lose out when next phase starts.
      Great idea TC, that’s why you get no money from me


  23. How do I trigger week 2? You speak of “return to Rocky Point part 10 and 11 but after part 8 the quest disappeared to my game and I have no idea what I coul do to start the second week…


    • Have you reached Part 6 of Give up the Ghost Questline? You need to complete Pt.6 to see all the new content. Also check your App Store and make sure you’re on Version 1.29.3


  24. Didn’t expect them to drop all this so quickly, since t seemed like the start was delayed and still in case 1. Ah well.

    I am glad though they put in a building to help people get drops if they haven’t gotten James Woods yet. I’m still working on Sherriff Peter (dang flashlights) so that was new and will be helpful

    I’ve got enough for Area-51 and am tempted but means I wouldn’t have enough to buy a character otherwise til late in the event or next event but I’d have more then. Ooooohhh decisions!!

    Thanks for all the hard work keeping us ahead of stuff and don’t you overdo it Bunny! (I keep thinking of the guy from Nightmare Before Christmas ” Buuunnnyyyy” lol)


  25. Yeah so I’m stuck on the rocky point 11, unable to start the probing questions questline because Everytime I search for an alien, there are 0 to be found!?

    Really frustrating that they threw another character I want that seems completely unreachable. I know we have 7 days left but making the keys now impossible to get has made this a lot less fun🙁


  26. Is the Alien the same alien we got before, the guy with the tail he chases in one task and that tongue within an internal extra mouth? I need to bring him out anyway, when I got him I thought he would be good for this season…


  27. I’m so glad I passed on the Super Frickin Hard Haunted Mausoleum, I had enough keys saved up to get all of this weeks prizes expect from the Alien character, so I haven’t claimed the prize before him untill I get the 110 keys I need to get him. I also brought Brian Stewie, I was only able to get him when I went to Rocky Point Hotel, I also opened two mystery boxes and got Space Radiation and the animated deco, I’m gonna get some more clams tomorrow and have one or two final attempts to see if I can get FBI Lois.


  28. Also 7 poultergist tries and zero boxes to help unlock james woods. Not cool


  29. So each case is basically 2 weeks jammed together and a mini update because once it’s gone that’s it. Clever stuff, TinyCo….Or possibly nerve wracking! Ah must log in more! Also, hello Bunny. Hope you’re well. 🙂


  30. I got an offer for a premium building offering daily clam payouts (as per all recent previous events) but then went into the store and it was not there.

    Will try a reload…


  31. Ok so this just got 10X more confusing and frustrating….

    Question: Stewie doesn’t get you EMF readers. Do you mean “Brain suit Stewie” can watch Brain in the shower to get the EMF or have I not triggered the right questline??

    Also, how does one trigger the “probing questions part 1” questline?!? I need it to start seeing bugs?

    Just when you think you’re getting ahead they throw you a slime covered curve ball, lol.


    • Hang in there. Don’t panic. Let me run through it. I will update the post. 🙂


      • Thanks a million! I still can’t get bug spray from anywhere, mort does not have the swallow jewels task dropping it and now we NEED bug in order to get keys. **huge eye roll to TinyCo for making this impossible,lol


        • wildthornberry88

          Do you mean morts task is not showing that it drops or that you tried the task but didn’t get anything?


          • Both! I guess I haven’t completed rocky point part 11 so I don’t have the bugs or the ability to get spray until they arrive…? How do I get the probing questions questline to start?!?!

            Trying not to go all what the deuce on here but man, this has become impossible!! I’m now 21+ hours behind(thanks EMF/alien drop rate). So I am unable to do anything?!? Guess I’m still good with only unlocking James woods. Carl is totally unreachable and so are any of the concierge buildings.


        • no bug sprays for me either. not an option under chris, mort, or herbert. nothing like wasting my time playing when it’s impossible to advance and i regret spending clams to buy condom chris


      • Ok so the post says “after reaching rocky point part 11” which I have done….did you mean “after completing”?? Because I still don’t see the bugs, the questline or any hope for the new content being achievable, lol. Thanks for all your hard work miss bunny!! I really appreciate the help!!!!


        • How full is your Task Menu? More than 10 Questlines pending there? May need to make some room if so to allow new things to appear.


          • You’re a sweetheart for the help!! I have 9 currently:

            1)Return to rocky point part 11(can’t find an alien)
            2)Conspiracy theories 9.99 for 13 EMF(nope!)
            3)Dial 0 for concierge part 2(can’t get keys without bugs or finding an alien, which i can’t find either)
            4)Unlock Carl(hahaha haha haha yeah right!!!)
            5)New sheriff in town(but using Peter to get boxes for James Woods)
            6)Unlock James Woods(trying as hard/fast as I can!!)
            7)Call the concierge part 8:purchase haunted mausoleum(can’t get keys so thats a no go)
            8)Show me your tan lines(waiting for a enough stewie bucks)
            9)State of pure inebriation part 1(again, Peter is way to important to have on a district task line)

            So I guess I am suppose to see the bug questline? I cant help they have 8 tasks for this week? What do I doooooo? I did send a message in game, but no response yet.

            And thanks again a zillion times!! You ladies running this site helps keep me sane!! Cause the game drives me CrAzY!?! Lol


          • bug spray is never an option for any of the characters…i’ve been on rocky point part 11 for 5 days, and have a total of only 7 things total on the questline bar.


  32. I can’t buy Area 51, I see the popup when I open the game but when I click buy nothing happens, and it’s also not in the “store list”. Hopefully they sort that out quickly.


  33. I’m so close to getting the Haunted Mausoleum but now I need cosmic radiation as well as ectoplasm to get the last of my keys! What a pain!


  34. Stephanie Linhares

    Is anyone else having trouble purchasing Area 51? On the pop-up, i hit go, but it never brought me to the buy screen. Now is gone and i can’t figure out how/ where to buy it


  35. this is phase2 stuff as in week 2?! NOT like a plus addition to the phase1 week1 stuff?! lol caught off guard huge surprise i’m needing one more flashlight for Sheriff Peter still!!!!


  36. I don’t see Area 51 anywhere in the store. Do you have to have Peter’s sheriff costume to get it? I can’t go on to the next phase without that, I’m on part 8.


  37. Without Mulder and Scully the alien tie-in to Halloween isn’t making much sense.


  38. Ahhhhhhh! I thought I was doing so well and now they put another character to get before the end of case 1 in 7 days?!! I still don’t yet have James Woods!

    Do you know if this is case 2 or do I still only have til the end of case 1 to get Carl?


  39. Where do you get Area 51? It’s not showing up for purchase


  40. Is anyone else having trouble getting Area 51? I see it in a popup when starting my game but then it’gone and its not available in the shopping cart.


  41. When I click go on the pop up to buy the thing that drops clams nothing happens. Then I can find it in the menu either


  42. Hi there. Whenever the opening banner for Area 51 pops up, I hit “go,” but nothing happens. It isn’t in my shop either. I don’t have Sheriff Peter or James Woods unlocked yet. Could this be effecting my ability to purchase Area 51? Thanks for all you do.


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