The Hauntening 101: Rocky Point

Hey there MURDERERS!

Who wants to go to a Dinner Party on some remote Cliff? Have Random people die off then spend the rest of the time finding out WHO DONE IT???!! You ready to play the detective? Or are YOU the murderer?

With the launch of the New Event, The Hauntening, we now have a SECOND Play Field Area in our games to play around in, Rocky Point Haunted Hotel.


Let’s take a closer look at Rocky Point and all you will find in the Second Play Area.

For more information on the Event, go HERE


You will be able to start accessing it after reaching at least Return to Rocky Point Pt 3. The Questline will direct you to tap “GO” to take you there. Once you have started this, you then see an Icon in the lower right of the screen to take you back to Quahog, and one in Quahog to take you back to Rocky Point.

Travel to Rocky Point: 





Travel Back to Quahog:




Much like in past Events, this will be a separate “Play Area” in the game from Quahog. Keep in mind that specific items will be Unique to ONLY Rocky Point Hotel.

For instance if you try to access the Shopping Cart, you won’t see all the items from the Event. Only a VERY limited few that are items use able while in Rocky Point. To see the full Shopping Cart, you will have to return to Quahog instead.



Also like in the past, there will be “Rooms” that you will unlock during the Event. Not all will unlock at once, instead you will need to progress through the Event and Questlines to get to each one. We will note what opens each Phase and what needed to unlock it.

Once you are in the Haunted Hotel play field, you will notice only specific Characters followed you too. Only certain Characters will be able to be used while there and as you progress.



These are the Rooms you will unlock via the Main Questline and use for Case 1, the first release of Content in the Game.


Billiard Room
: If you tap on the ! above it, you will see things you can search for and what it will take to do so. This will be the first room you can access once you reach Rocky Point. You will be able to Investigate Ghosts here and Poltergeist (after you unlock them in the Questline during Return to Rocky Point Pt 7).  


hotel-elevatorElevator Shaft: Many of your Characters will use this location to preform tasks while in the Haunted Hotel. Check here first if you can’t find them.


Piano Lounge:
You will see this locked when you first enter Rocky Point. During Return to Rocky Point Pt 4, will direct you to unlock it and start “Episode 1”. You will be able to Investigate Ghosts here and Poltergeist (after you unlock them in the Questline during Return to Rocky Point Pt 7)  


Gallery/ Music Room
: You will see this locked when you first enter Rocky Point. During Return to Rocky Point Pt 7, will direct you to unlock it and start “Episode 2”This is where you will find Poltergeists first. You will be able to Investigate Ghosts here too.



These are the Additional Rooms around the Hotel that will come into use later on as more Content is released for each New Case.

Secret Room
: This is “hidden” behind the books in the Library and will not be accessed until Case #2 is released.


: This area will be locked until “Episode 3”


: This area will be locked until “Episode 3”


: This area will be locked until “Episode 4”


: This area will be locked until “Episode 5”



Here is where the Guests would “Check In” to the Hotel. There are two areas in the Main Lobby of the Hotel that will be used.

: This is the where you will see the Halloween Prize Catalogue. More info below.  BEWARE as tapping here could start a timer on the 8th Prize

Here you will find the Prizes you can unlock along the way by earning Skeleton Keys. Keep in mind you have to unlock them in sequence. No jumping around for this one.


Cabin in the Woods: Earns $40 & 25xp every 6hrs, Chance Drops 2 sheriffs-starSheriff Badges
skeleton-key11 Skeleton Keys

Boogying Skeleton: Animated Decoration
skeleton-key7 Skeleton Keys

Gravedigger’s Shack: Earns $45 & 30xp every 8hrs, Chance drops 2 handcuffsHandcuffs
skeleton-key11 Skeleton Keys

Woods Manor: Earns $30 & 20xp every 4hrs, Chance drops 2 flashlightFlashlights, Always drops x4 magnifying-glassMagnifying Glasses
skeleton-key17 Skeleton Keys

Hollyweird Video: Earns $30 & 20xp every 4hrs, Chance drops 2cards Cards
skeleton-key7 Skeleton Keys

Tree Man (Decoration):
skeleton-key9 Skeleton Keys

Sinister Stuffing: Earns $45 & 25xp every 8hrs, Chance drops  2 piece-of-candyCandy
skeleton-key22 Skeleton Keys

24 HOUR TIMER WARNING! Once you have unlocked the 7th Prize, ANYTHING that returns you to the Halloween Prize Catalogue will start the timer on the last/8th Prize. At this point you will need to decide if this Prize is really worth it to you. It WILL be hard to get and may require Clam spending to do so.

Haunted Mausoleum SUPER FRIKKEN HARD”: Earns $20 & 15xp every 2hrs, Chance Drops x2 peters-pantsPeter’s Pants
skeleton-key43 Skeleton Keys


Front Desk
: Here is where you can Exchange items to get the much needed Skeleton Keys. Tap on it to see what options are available to you for Exchange. For Phase 1 you will be exchanging ectoplasmEctoplasm for skeleton-keySkeleton Keys.


Here is the Exchange(s) I saw in my game.

5 ectoplasm Ectoplasm = 6 skeleton-keySkeleton Keys
11 ectoplasmEctoplasm = 6 skeleton-keySkeleton Keys
13 ectoplasmEctoplasm = 6 skeleton-keySkeleton Keys
15 ectoplasmEctoplasm = 6 skeleton-keySkeleton Keys
16 ectoplasmEctoplasm = 6 skeleton-keySkeleton Keys
21 ectoplasmEctoplasm = 6 skeleton-keySkeleton Keys
22 ectoplasmEctoplasm = 6 skeleton-keySkeleton Keys
24 ectoplasmEctoplasm = 6 skeleton-keySkeleton Keys
28 ectoplasmEctoplasm = 6 skeleton-keySkeleton Keys
29 ectoplasmEctoplasm = 6 skeleton-keySkeleton Keys
32 ectoplasmEctoplasm = 6 skeleton-keySkeleton Keys
35 ectoplasmEctoplasm = 6 skeleton-keySkeleton Keys
36 ectoplasmEctoplasm = 6 skeleton-keySkeleton Keys
39 ectoplasmEctoplasm = 6 skeleton-keySkeleton Keys
44 ectoplasmEctoplasm = 6 skeleton-keySkeleton Keys

This will vary all over and numbers will go up and down. This is just an overall look at all the amounts I saw being used.

ectoplasmEctoplasm (Always): Ghost Post OR Clearing Ghosts OR Clearing Poltergeists



There is an area just to the front of the Hotel that will be used. Essentially it is the Parking lot. This is what you will find there.

: Here is your “Al’s” while you are at the Haunted Hotel. Tap on it to see what Characters are available to unlock, like Condom Chris & Sheriff Peter


Parking Lot
: Here is where you will find James Woods AFTER after starting Give Up the Ghost Pt.3. His Questline will then trigger, Into The Woods, and take you to the two cars were he is locked up. NOTE: You can NOT repair him, start on his collection, or see the Hammer until you have triggered Into the Woods.









To start an Investigation, tap on the ! above the Room once it is unlocked as you progress. There will be a more detailed post on this coming, so keep an eye out on it. Info can be found in the Main Post too.




More info on this was in the Main Post and will also be available in an upcoming post, so keep an eye out for it.

Currently I have not found a MAX amount allowed in the game of these two, I would however suggest to NOT let a lot roam around. It will drain your game memory super fast and be more likely to cause crashing and lagging while you play. So clear them as soon as you can or are directed to.


There you have it, a quick look at Rocky Point, the Haunted Hotel, the many rooms, where James Woods is and WHEN he will show up, along with some basic details of the area itself.

What do you think of Rocky Point? What Rooms have you unlocked so far? Liking the layout? Investigated any Rooms yet? Released any Ghosts or Poltergeists yet? Let us know.










38 responses to “The Hauntening 101: Rocky Point

  1. How do you claim the prizes???


    • wildthornberry88

      Which prizes? If you mean the buildings you get in exchange for keys then you switch back to Quahog and they’ll be in the recent tab in your inventory.


    • Which prizes are you referring to? Weekly challenge, Booty Haul leaderboard or something else?


  2. Hi Bunny, Tigger and Lotty –

    Bunny, you’ve alluded to this in the past (and I generally agree) that the last item (the freakin’ hard one) in a phase of an event (in this case, the mausoleum) is generally not worth the effort, especially since so many are just decos. In this case, the mausoleum claims to drop “Peter’s Pants” for James Woods, but the algorithm gods have smiled at me for that item as I earned them all within a day…that never happens…so, in your collective opinions, should I bother with the mausoleum? The other concern I have (from looking at the other potential currencies in the store) is the keys will become useless in the next Case, so if I don’t get it, then…

    And I know this falls in the lines of, if you could give me the name of the team that will in the World Series, or even the name of the stock that will increase in value the greatest over the next six months…but you’re collective opinion is valued…


    • I assume Skeleton Keys Continue due to it’s embedded icon up top. That’s my opinion anyway.

      Usually the first (hard) one is easier but grows progressively harder and requires more. Honestly it’s up to you if you feel it’s OK to use up the keys and it’ll help get James Woods faster. I’ll ask in meantime bout keys. 🙂


  3. Man, I don’t mind if they use the same functionality for the events and just swap out the art assets, but they really need to do the same with the sounds. All the Star Trek sounds going to/from the Hotel are still the teleporter sounds, and last event your fishing poles shot phasers at the fish apparently.

    Also, varying costs of ectoplasm for the same amount of keys is just annoying, if they are going to vary it, the amount of keys should be proportional at least, that drives me nuts 😀


    • The sounds not changed actually make me laugh so hard


      • Well the fish thing did get a smirk from me at least 😉

        But from a developer’s standpoint, which I guess may make me more critical, it just makes it look unprofessional/rushed.


        • This one had a lot of last minute changes. I think lately they’d prefer to get it out vs finishing those lil bits. Many times its the big Boss pushing the just get it out. So they’re left to leave as is… and try to fix it on the fly.


  4. So no apparent difference which room we search in?


  5. Anyone else notice that the creepy bellmen around the hotel are just Arnold Schwarzenegger from the Valentine’s Day event with little mustaches? Made me laugh when I saw that.


  6. Haven’t seen mention of Condom Chris – just a skin or separate character (like Future Stu, etc.)? Seems less worth a load of clams if he’s only a skin and doesn’t even take ups slot in Tan Lines’


  7. I’m curious to know if James Woods is timed. . . They seem to have stopped doing that recently, but all to often there is no warning. . . Which screws you over very royally as you frantically play catch up.
    So is James Woods character a timed guy, or just a simple click and collect? Thanks


    • If you look at the Main Post and your game, you’ll see that they are grouping content releases into “cases”. Each “case” is timed. Once the timer is up, any content not unlocked is gone. So… in a long round about way, yes… all of Case 1 content including him is timed.


  8. Glad that the button to travel to and from Rocky Point is no longer covered by the leaderboard icon, but I’m curious if anyone elses leaderboard icon just went away completely or just shifted over? The icon shifted over at first but I logged in an hour later and it was completely gone.


  9. Jennifer Skinner

    so I know it doesnt say above but im just double checking … is james woods timed? he’s a character I really want and I don’t want to hit repair only to find out that having sheriff Peter was imperative to unlocking him within the time limit. obviously I’ve been down that road before… damn u Diane Simmons lol. keep up the good work guys ur awesome!


    • The entire Case 1 aka Phase 1 is timed. Tap on your Event Icon in lower right and you’ll see time left to get all Characters from Case 1


      • oh ok der da der lol that’s actually slightly more convenient than the normal timers cuz usually they’re like 6 days give or take so and extra few is nice when it comes to collecting for 2 characters or ensembles . I imagine that even if I don’t repair his situation or whatever before the timer drops I still lose the chance so wish me luck I don’t wanna have to resort to highway robbery in order to acquire clams for this business lol. Thanks bunny u rock! (I yelled that in my head hence the exclamation point haha)


        • You’ve got me singing a chorus of, If Incould turn back time. Hey let’s hope we don’t need to as my singing is bad, real bad.


  10. Hi Bunny!

    I’m up to catching poltergeists and it’s telling me I have to have Condom Chris. What do we do to advance in the game if we can’t buy him? I only have 60 clams. Am I doomed?


  11. 7 tries with rock salt and not a single ghost. Here we go again…. 😦


  12. Strangevisitor7

    I can’t get in as my game has a loading error. I’ve let them know but I was just wondering if others are having this problem. I was really looking forward to this event and will be so upset if it takes a long time to correct.


  13. Any idea if one portrait gives more ghosts then the others every time? The first poster seems to give me the most


  14. On the rocky point Al’s I can also the mutant stewie costume I earned thanks to the heroes mystery box, will it be usefull during this event? (have not unlocked stewie yet)


    • No use for it we have seen. It will just stay locked in Al Harringtins until you unlock Stewie. He is rarely used in events due to newer players not having him unlocked.


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