The Hauntening 101: What Is A Case??

Hey there Private Eyes!

We have all started to see the New Content in our games from the Hauntening. With the New Content, comes a new way TinyCo is going to be releasing Event Content and overall the progress that Players will make along the way.

In this post I am going to go over the Basics of a Case. What is it? Why is it there? How do we know what is in a Case?



Let’s take a look at Case 1 and all that goes into it. 

For more information on the Event, go to the Event Page HERE.



In the Past, Events were all laid out pretty much the same. Each Week New Content was dropped into the game in Weekly Phases. So about every 7 days, New Stuff was added and IF you had finished the Questline from the previous Week’s Phase… you could move on. IF you had not finished the Questline, you did not see the New Content and could not until the PRIOR Phase was done.

With the NEW way of releasing Content, TinyCo has isolated the Releases into a Case Sections instead and also made all that Content Released locked into each Case Section for this Event.

This means EVERY Player moves forward regardless where they are in the prior released Content. Everyone gets to start the New Content when it hits.



On Sunday October 2nd, Case 1 was released and we all got new items into our games. Locked into Case 1 is the following New Content…

Sheriff Peter
: This is how it went in my game to unlock him…

  • Return to Rocky Point Pt. 5 triggered New Sheriff In Town
  • New Sheriff in Town prompted me to make his Costume.
  • Tapping “GO” took me to Al’s

Once there, you will see the items needed to unlock him.
sheriffs-star 15 Sheriff Stars (Uncommon) : Joe Raid Personal Weapons Stash OR Bonnie Go to Ladies’ Night OR Cabin in the Woods (10x)
handcuffs9 Handcuffs (Uncommon): Lois Shoplift OR Mort Scrounge for Coins OR Quahog Sheriff’s Station OR Gravedigger’s Shack (7x)
flashlight16 Flashlights (Rare): Quagmire Fornicate with Giraffes OR Jerome Grow His Fro OR The Woods Manor (15x)
evidence55 Evidence (Common): Clear Ghosts


James Woods: The trigger point for me happened the following way.

  • Return to Rocky Point Pt. 4 triggers Give Up the Ghost
  • Give up the Ghost Pt. 3 triggers Into the Woods
  • Into the Woods Pt. 1 then will  take you to where he is locked up. He will be by the 2 Parked Cars in the Hotel Play area.
  • Tap on the Hammer Icon to “repair” him. Cost $1000 & Instant Unlock.

Once you repaired the area, you will then see James Woods and be able to start collecting for him.
sheriff-peterHave Sheriff Peter Abuse His Imaginary Friend:  4hrs Task (The 300 Clams cost for this is to ONLY clear the Task, it will NOT unlock Sheriff Peter)
piece-of-candy 14 Pieces of Candy (Uncommon): Sinsiter Staffing (8x)
crates4 Crates (Uncommon): Clear Poltergeists
cards11 Cards (Rare): Quagmire Let the Gerbil Loose OR Quahog Sheriff’s Station OR Hollyweird Video (8x)
peters-pants6 Pairs of Peter’s Pants (Extra Rare): Lois Practice Tai- Jitsu OR Joe Go Undercover OR Jerome Host Happy Hour OR Haunted Mansion (10x)


Condom Chris
: 250 Clam IconClams, You will need to go to Al’s to purchase the Costume, Comes with Questline, Fully Tasked, ALWAYS Drops rock-salt-largeRock Salt (3hrs)


Main Questlines: Return to Rocky Point & Give Up the Ghost

Buildings and Decorations


Essentially the items you saw in the Main Event Post.



If you tap on the Main Event Icon in the Lower Right Hand of your game screen, you will be taken to the Main Event Hub.


There, you will see what the Current Case is and how much time is left on that Case. This will help you to know just how much time you have left to try and get all the New Content you can that was released.

You can find the timer on the Home Page…


Or you can go to the Case Files and see the Timer and Date there too…


Per my Event Hub…




When the timer hits Zero, the Case will close and all the locked Content with it will stop the ability to collect for it.

For Case 1, this means you need to complete unlocking the Character(s) and finishing the Questline(s) as you will no longer have access to them, for instance by collecting Materials for James Woods, once a new Case is released.

Note: This does not mean Side Questlines like those triggered by Character Unlocks.




In the past, Players were “stuck” in Previous Phases. Lots n Lots n LOTS of complaints on this. No ability to move forward or see New Content if they fell too far behind or did not play as much. By locking content into each Case, this gives a chance for ALL Players to have access to the New Content as it is released. Everyone starts new each section. You still may not get it all, but now you will at least have a chance to see it all.

With the Cases this Event, we were also given much longer than the usual 7 days to unlock New Content for Case 1. Case 1 gave us 12 days.

I have seen this model of Events work just fine many times with another game. I can’t wait to see how this plays out for Family Guy.



10/14. When the timer runs out, Case 1 will close and Case 2 will launch with all New Content, Questlines, Characters to unlock, etc. Tap on your Event Icon to go to the Event Main Hub and see when that will be taking place.


Per my Event Hub…



No. Once a Case is closed, you will only be able to access the New Content. There may be a few items that do carry over like a few Buildings and Decorations, but the Main Questlines and Characters you did not unlock will not.




Again, this is all new and we are waiting to see how it plays out. For now, I can only assume what will happen once the New Case 2 Hits by going off other games, but no info out as of yet how this will play out. All we can do is wait for Case 2 to hit our games. At that point, we will all get to find out together. 🙂


I know this is New and will take a lil getting used to, but I do like they are turning to more of a “Sectioned” Event Release like this. It helps to level the Playing Field a lil more for all Players so each release, everyone gets a new start and gets to try for the new items.

What are your thoughts on the Cases? Do you like the way it gives everyone a chance at the New Content each Release? How far are you on the Questline? How far are you on the Character unlocks? Let us know.









47 responses to “The Hauntening 101: What Is A Case??

  1. Can anyone tell me how many keys I need to unlock everything in the 2nd page of the Halloween Catalogue? I am on the first item on the 2nd row, which needs 33 keys and to unlock Carl I need to unlock that one and the next 2 as quickly as possible. Just wondering if it is possible, or if I shouldn’t even try.


  2. Are Carl and the second page of buildings you pay for with keys part of case number 1? Will I lose those as well on October 14th if I don’t get them?


  3. Has anyone gotten fox mulder yet? What part can you find him


  4. I don’t understand why my games has stalled and not sure what to do next.
    I have completed RtoRP pt8, I have unlocked Sheriff Peter.
    Do I need to complete Give Up the Ghost pt6, as well?
    Nor can I move onto week 2 tasks
    I have refeshed and emptied browser cache, but nothing is happening.
    Please help


  5. very happy with new event rock salt is the key the buildings take care majority other drop items love new format been occasions real life interferes and you end up so behind this way only one section will be ahh well rather than playing frustrating catch up


    • I agree, this lets players have a chance at unlocking the freemium content in every part of the event, ok you say not get everything but at least getting to try, before so many players weren’t getting to the latter phases, hopefully this helps.


  6. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. I’ve probably used 8+ iron chains in the last few days and have found nothing. Using salt, I find ghosts just fine. Am I missing something?


    • No, the do seem to be rarer drop than ghosts, just keep trying, but if you’ve still not got a poltergeist in your game after another day trying send TinyCo an in game message as they can check if drops etc are ok in your game.


  7. When using the rock salt to search for ghosts, is there any difference between the three rooms you can choose from? Or is that just there to make it interesting?


  8. We’ll have to see how the case format goes. In the week by week way, when the event lasts a month we can relax and focus on finishing maybe just one, two, or three weeks. This new way forces us to finish in a shorter time it seems.


    • Its a wait and see but so far so good for me and it will let players have a chance at unlocking all content, rather than only seeing early phases. I’m hoping every player does good.


    • Or not finish… and give up playing? :-/

      At first glance, being from the UK, I thought the pop-up said it’s ending in 4 days time (10th); which would mean I unlocked no characters at all for this case since I still need 11 torches for Sheriff Peter and lots of other stuff too. I don’t have any of James Woods first 3 items yet. So I’m glad it’s really 8 days away from ending, although still far from certain I’ll get all those rare and extra rare drops needed!


      • Consider not playing, oh my goodness I’m coming out in hives at the very thought, lol.
        And I’m the same I still need engage my brain with the American date system, especially when typing it for the blog, seems soooo strange. 😀 I had Joe on the extra-rare drop for pants for James Wood and got last of them yesterday, they dropped quite well, think being 2hr task helped.


  9. I thought this event would be a lot harder but, even as a freemium player(which I am), I’m barreling thru it!!

    Focus all able characters to drop salts!!
    Once you achieve enough ghosts to buy thru the concierge buildings that drop things for Sheriff Peter the items drop like crazy! I had the sheriff badge building drop Everytime the first 4 times I tapped it!!
    I also have Quagmire non stop on flash lights because those seem to be the hardest items to get, as they are rare drops. Once I have the sheriff I’ll put Quagmire working on cards for James Woods but first things first!!

    Also, have mort work on chains! Trust the buildings will drop the items and have your characters drop the chains/salts(expect have Lois focus on those pants for James Woods, I’d recommend getting those out the way asap due to them being extra rare then have her doing chains nonstop, but keep Jerome on salts 24/7!!)

    I have a lot of poltergeist roaming around waiting for the sheriff, they’re cute and don’t seem to effect the ghost drops at all!


  10. Spanish


  11. if not for taking on launch but the soft play Case 1


  12. tell me if i read correctly for the cases, if within 10 days i didn’t unlock the new costume for Peter, i’ll lose him when the case is closed? am i right?


    • Yes the Sheriff Peter costume and James Woods need to be unlocked before the timer for the case ends.


    • I wouldn’t stress it for Peter. They gave us 12 days to unlock him. Most past events the main first characters unlock in 3 to 5 days. Focus in getting him… then check back in 7 days and let’s us know where you are. The 14th is still a LOOOONNNGGGG ways away 🙂


  13. I’m curious to see how this whole thing plays out. In previous events, we weren’t able to move on to the next phase until we completed the current one. But, if I understand this “case” thing, new content will be released at the end of the timer. So, if we haven’t unlocked sheriff peter or James Woods before the timer ends, we’re gonna see new content but usually we need those characters or costumes for the new content. I think I’ll be able to unlock both by timers end, and I’m freemium, but I can already see big problems coming in the future for some players if they can’t. Time will tell I guess.


    • I would imagine they won’t be essential to the 2nd case, they may play a part, so if you have them it will be helpful, but there will be a way to work through the case without them. That’s just speculation on my part, but I would think TinyCo will have thought through and prepared for the scenario you are envisioning.


  14. How did you get 247 magnifying glasses in 2 days?? OMG! O_O


    • Burning through clams to test & verify drops etc, basically to get all the details readers of the blog need.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Just look at the questines. Each completion adds some. Then ghost release, poltergeist release, etc. It’s not really hard to get that many. I just have to play through the entire Event each release to give you all this info in a quick manner, so I have to use Clams to do so. It’s the way this site has always been.

      Liked by 1 person

  15. What are the magnifying glasses for?


  16. Shawn Heidingsfelder

    I have had the misfortune of having zero ghosts found in a hotel room the last three times I’ve checked, one in each of the three available rooms. I also happen to have a black robed ghoul running around in my hotel because you can’t get him without Sheriff Peter. Is this coincidence and bad luck with the RNG, or will I have to wait until the black robe is gone to get ghosts to start dropping again? If the latter, I am officially stuck and can’t finish the case because ghosts are the only thing that drops photos for Peter.


    • I had 3 failed cases with no drops this morning, then just had 3 successes few minutes ago, drops were 3, 2, 2. I’ve a poltergeist (black robed ghost) released as well, doesn’t seem to have stopped drops. So just keep trying, if it continues drop TinyCo an in game message and they will check the drops in your game.


    • You just got unlucky. I’ve just got two rooms with 5 ghosts and I have poltergeists doing ghost stuff happily. They aren’t related. Keep fingers crossed next time 🙂


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