The Hauntening Premium Character Profile: Condom Chris

If you’re feeling jittery with all the things that are going bump in the night, never fear as we’re here with all the frightful facts you’ll need to survive Halloween in Quahog.

Things have got seriously spooky and as is the Halloween custom it’s time for some characters to have a new costume, and hasn’t Chris chosen well? No, he looks like a …. Ok that’s enough of that, breathe then repeat after me PG, PG, PG.

With a costume offering plenty of protection Condom Chris is ready to travel to Rocky Point and help us banish poltergeists. But what else can he do in our silly l’il games, well keep reading and you’ll find out.


Condom Chris is a New Premium Character added during the first week of The Hauntening 2016. He costs 250 Clam Icon clams. As with all premium characters, it is your choice to determine whether or not he is someone you want to add to your game.

He does come with a questline, Ribbed for Pleasure, we’ll have more on that in a later post.


Condom Chris does come with a complete set of Tasks! Tasks that will help you earn $$$ & XP.  He also has a task which always drops stuff rock salt, and of course the afore mentioned task to banish poltergeists.

Let’s take a look at Condom Chris’ Tasks:

 Task Time Earns Drops/
Movie Scene Marker Clapper Board Go Through the Motions 3hrs 5030  rock-salt
Movie Scene Marker Clapper Board Banish Poltergeist 3.5 hr 2520  ectoplasmcrates
Movie Scene Marker Clapper Board Get Snagged 6hrs 6545
Play it Safe 8hrs 8050
Get Ribbed 10hrs 9059
Feel Chubby 12 hrs 10065

**Note: Within an Event, tasks may change and vary as the Phases come and go. So some of these tasks will be temporary. Others may be one time use. Some will stick around even after the Event. We won’t know until the Event Ends.


Just the usual Chris voice

And there you have it, the complete breakdown for Condom Chris!

What do you think of the costume? (Before you answer that breathe and repeat after me again, PG, PG, PG).Are you gonna buy him? What do you think of his tasks? Have a favourite? Let us know!

Russian Tigger





5 responses to “The Hauntening Premium Character Profile: Condom Chris

  1. I thought the costume was hilarious and treated myself. He has paid off by being able to clear the poltergeists as I am still unlocking Sheriff Peter,so I have all but the candy building and then I can start building a cache of keys.


  2. This event is shaping up for me to be the most impossible yet for someone who can’t spend money. With so many things likely to end at the end of the first case, I am likely going to get almost nothing that will expire, probably nothing.


    • Aim to unlock Sheriff Peter, then go from there. There’s still almost 10 days until Case 1 finishes. Get rock salt to release ghosts, build up ectoplasm and exchange for keys to start getting the buildings that drop for Sheriff Peter. Don’t overwhelm yourself by trying do too much all at once. Good luck.


      • totally agree with all road rage sheriff pedro
        chris too expensive condom


        • I wouldn’t lose heart at all. With condom Chris it definitely makes unlocking everything easier..that being said these events are about strategy. If you dont have money for Condom all the tasks nonstop (ie make sure you tap characters when they finish a task and do it again quickly until you have every part)..and absolutely get as many chains as you can as well…you will get a TON of ectoplasm unlock things quickly from there…persistence will pay off


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