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UPDATED 4-19!!! Known “Bruce” Glitch: Family Guy The Quest For Stuff

We are aware of another issue that has popped up in our games. It seems many players are having a sneaky lil character harassing them in their game and JUST WON’T GO AWAY!! Lol. (I thought that was MY job.)


UPDATE: 4-19: As Alissa already pointed out in this post HERE, our great friend at TinyCo has informed us that this glitch is fixed as well as a few others. They are FAST over there. So get back in and back to playing your game. WOOHOO!!! 

UPDATE 4-13 330pm EST from Bunny
TinyCo has now stated that all players should attempt the force close on their games to get rid of Bruce. The issue has been isolated and a link to it found. Now for the fun part…the issue is the Facebook social interaction. As a result, for at LEAST 1 to 2 Weeks, you will NOT be able to use the social aspects of the game. This is going to be disabled to protect all games from the Bruce issue until an Update Patch is completed and everyone can download it into their games from the iOS/Google Play Market. 

From TinyCo

Facebook login will still work, but no adding friends, and no visiting neighbors.

People’s existing friends lists will be preserved. We’re just turning off the visiting/invite features temporarily.

So to recap, if you STILL have Bruce…force close your app and when the device restarts, you should have your access to your game back. 

NO social aspect access to the game for 1 to 2 weeks. 

I will still be keeping in touch and update you on when the patch becomes available for download. So for now, no friend access or play. But at least Bruce will be gone! OH NOOOOOOOOOOO! 

Bruce level up 3 glitch screen

Image courtesy of Safi familyguyaddicts.com Reader


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