UPDATED 4-19!!! Known “Bruce” Glitch: Family Guy The Quest For Stuff

We are aware of another issue that has popped up in our games. It seems many players are having a sneaky lil character harassing them in their game and JUST WON’T GO AWAY!! Lol. (I thought that was MY job.)


UPDATE: 4-19: As Alissa already pointed out in this post HERE, our great friend at TinyCo has informed us that this glitch is fixed as well as a few others. They are FAST over there. So get back in and back to playing your game. WOOHOO!!! 

UPDATE 4-13 330pm EST from Bunny
TinyCo has now stated that all players should attempt the force close on their games to get rid of Bruce. The issue has been isolated and a link to it found. Now for the fun part…the issue is the Facebook social interaction. As a result, for at LEAST 1 to 2 Weeks, you will NOT be able to use the social aspects of the game. This is going to be disabled to protect all games from the Bruce issue until an Update Patch is completed and everyone can download it into their games from the iOS/Google Play Market. 

From TinyCo

Facebook login will still work, but no adding friends, and no visiting neighbors.

People’s existing friends lists will be preserved. We’re just turning off the visiting/invite features temporarily.

So to recap, if you STILL have Bruce…force close your app and when the device restarts, you should have your access to your game back. 

NO social aspect access to the game for 1 to 2 weeks. 

I will still be keeping in touch and update you on when the patch becomes available for download. So for now, no friend access or play. But at least Bruce will be gone! OH NOOOOOOOOOOO! 

Bruce level up 3 glitch screen

Image courtesy of Safi familyguyaddicts.com Reader


UPDATE 4-13 6:45om EST: 
TinyCo has found the source of the timing issue with the characters (they start a task and after being left for hours, still have same time remaining as when you left the game.) Update to resolve the issue is in the process along with Bruce Glitch. 

Here are a few suggestions from TinyCo to resolve issue in the meantime.

In some cases, if you log off before a character begins an action, the game will not start the action. You will know an action has started when you see the countdown timer appear.
When you assign actions, wait until the action countdown timer begins. Once the action is going, it is safe to log off.
To be extra sure, we recommend leaving the game running for a minute or two before exiting.

UPDATE 4-13 11AM EST from Bunny
As TinyCo continues to find a permanent fix for this issue, some readers are having success with hard closing or forcing the app to close when Bruce pops up and able to get back into play the game.(Some tap on his FaceSpace prior to doing this.) I advise, this may not work for everyone. It is up to you if you would like to give this a try. Also, be cautious if you did NOT sync your game to an email or an account. Some devices (depending on how you close them out) may reset completely and lose any progress in the game you have made. Good luck and I will keep updating as we get through this new game hiccup. 🙂


UPDATE 4-12 11PM EST from Bunny
Just got word from TinyCo …they are still hard at work on this issue and hope to isolate it soon. They hope to have “all of Bruce cleared away soon.” So hang in there. They will find a solution and get us all back to our fun lil games. 

So once again, I forwarded the information of the issue to my contacts at TinyCo and they are asking for YOUR help in narrowing down the cause of the issue.

If you have the “Bruce Screen” constantly popping up and/or just can’t get him to go away, send in your information to TinyCo right away.

Main Menu (lil blue cracker looking icon), Help & Support, lil Chat Icon in top right corner…

Main Menu Icon


Message icon

  • If they were able to sign up for an account, please include either the email address or Facebook/Google+ link
  • If they’re on Android, please include an IMEI number (instructions for finding an IMEI can be read here: http://www.technipages.com/android-find-imei-number.html)
  • If neither of the above are true, please download and install our game Spellstorm on iOS, and find the playerID listed as “my playerID” on the help page. Please then email that to us.

Don’t forget to tell them what device you are one and when/how it occurs.


For those of you that just can’t make the pop ups stop, please email them directly instead. They are VERY helpful and trying to get the bugs looked into as fast as I am reporting them.

Email: help@tinyco.com

UPDATE 4-12 1230AM EST: 
They are still working on the issue. Was hoping to get it resolved tonight (last night) but it looks like it is more involved then first thought. Don’t worry, they will do all they can to help you get back into your games as fast as possible. I will keep updating you on the progress as I get information back. 


UPDATE 4-12 200AM EST:
They are asking for more specifics on the issue. If you haven’t sent them in yet, please answer and email (or put in comments) the following questions:

– Can you ask what players were doing just before this occurred?
– Does it happen when the app launches, or in the middle of playing?
– Did it first start in the middle of a session?
-Also, important question: had anyone actually UNLOCKED bruce? Did it start when he hit level 3?
UPDATE 4-12 3pm EST:
Regardless it being the weekend, this glitch is still a priority and they still continue to work on it. I am still in contact with them and they will let me know when they find a resolve. Just please, if you haven’t already, email them the answers to the questions above (along with your ID information as originally requested and device you play on.) The more they can see the ones effected, the better they can fix it. Sorry, hopefully a fix will be located soon so they can send out an update to get you playing again. 
Please let us know if you run into anything else. We are here to help all we can, and if we can’t I will find a way. 🙂
Until Next Time…


213 responses to “UPDATED 4-19!!! Known “Bruce” Glitch: Family Guy The Quest For Stuff

  1. I can’t get the “!” off of Bruce every time I click him he says the same thing this started after I had 3-4 people stuck in the griffin house please advise as to what to do I’ve tried to force close and all that I’m playing on a touch screen laptop and don’t have it linked to Facebook and I don’t have a log out option please advise as to what to do


  2. My framily guy won’t load. For 24 hours since the pyramid started to open I can’t get my phone to load the app? Are there any suggestions. I’m at level 24 and just bought some clams a week ago and now I can’t even spend them or play at all


  3. I am up to a new part in Peter griffins quest line but whenever I click him to see what I need to do next he says 2 words and crashes the game every time. Anyone else having this problem or know what to do?


  4. In the muliti universe my brother can see my town but I can’t see his why is this. We are friends on fb and He doesn’t show up on the invite. So what do I do to fix? Or should email someone else to fix the prob?


  5. It won’t let me add friends? It says I don’t have any?
    Pretty sure I have a few friends on Facebook any ideas.


  6. First tsto gives me trouble adding friends points, and now this!

    I can visit family guy neighbors, but I can’t get xp from them. I also can’t invite friends from Facebook and receive that clam bonus.

    Hope I’m not the only one with this issue.


  7. Really random, but every time I open FG I am signed out of Google. Not a huge thing, I sign back in just fine, but was wondering if it is a glitch? It has been saving all my progress so I’m not worried, just curious.


    • They’re tinkering around trying to get a lot of changes in place for the update they’re putting together. Just keep an eye on it. If it’s NOT saving progress…please let them know.


  8. Well, game running smoothly, but interesting note….I can still visit 20 friends and collect my $600. Not complaining! Also was thinking (I do that way too much…ouch…broke my brain bone), I now have literally over 300+ fake friends on my fake FB page, yet only visit the first 20. I thought about mixing it up and visiting folks at the back of the line, but remembered, unlike another AWESOME game I’m rumored to play, no one knows you visited. No one knows you care, that you saw the sites, stole…err..borrowed ideas. I wish/hope that the developers (yes, I know they’re busy right now) will at least add the “friend icon”. To let you know that a fake friend took time from their real lives to visit your fake town.


    • Maybe this will cheer you up.


    • Same deal here. I can still visit my fake FB friends though it does crash out on occasion. Since the bug I haven’t added any so only have about 10. I have noticed certain “friends” cause me to crash out all the time so I avoid them like an ex….

      Looking forward to the patch but in the meantime the “other” game has just rolled out its spring event. Wish we’d get spring here in Toronto :-/


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  10. pattysmacks42@gmail.com

    Did u know u can pick up characters that aren’t doing tasks and drag them anywhere u want, and that u can start tasks by dragging them to buildings.


  11. OMG!!!!! I found how to fix it!?! Now I said I did a factory reset on my tablet? Only had the apps I use like email other stuff. Downloaded Family guy and it worked fine? I downloaded the Simpsons tapped out and the Bruce screen reappeared!?! SO I deleted the Simpsons’s and Bruce’s disappeared? Are the two apps causing the problem?


    • I think it’s completely unrelated, as most of us have both Apps and some have issues and some have none.
      The issue is caused by the Social (Facebook) side of the game. TinyCo has disabled Facebook Friends in the game (you can still login that way just can’t add/visit neighbors) and it’s a temporary fix on the issue. They’ve advised if you still see Bruce to hard close the app (App Manager, Close App) and restart it. 🙂


  12. Thanks for all the updates guys.
    I have to say I’m so impressed with Tiny Co, their emails are quick, helpful and informative. You can see they’ve been trying their hardest to get everything up and running as quick as possible. I think EA have a lot to answer for right now!

    Liked by 2 people

  13. I’m so impressed with Tiny Co they sent me an email detailing the reasons for the glitch and what actions were needed to investigate further (ie friends interaction being offline for 1-2 weeks) I think for the thousands of emails they must have had to receive a response like that is most impressive will definitely be sticking with this game: I think Tiny Co are working really hard thank you to all your help here as well!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Yes, that’s the one thing that sticks out a lot to us too. They’re great to work with and great at getting back about issues. They’re working hard to resolve any glitches that come up.
      It’s important to remember we’re still in the very early days of this game, and with so many downloads and people playing glitches/crashes are bound to happen. The important thing is they find the cause and work to resolve it so it doesn’t happen again. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  14. My game crashed while I was fiddlin’ with Bruce’s facespace page (trying to share some of the posts to see if it would kick start anything) then no more Brucey when I reopened. Hopefully the fix will mean I can access my neighbours without the game crashing 10 times over, though I will miss my daily free clam for the next fortnight. At least they’re on it. 🙂


    • Hopefully once the patch is released it will have resolved all of the issues that people are experiencing (between Bruce, Facebook & the timer issues). 🙂


  15. Huh, I knew it had to be a Facebook thing, it’s the only “difference” my game had pre and post glitch, I accepted FB friends and they started visiting my town. I’m glad I mentioned it in the e-mail, I feel like a helped a little, lol.

    I got the glitch once earlier today after not seeing Bruce at all this morning, force-closing did nothing but it’s gone now, so WEEE.

    I like how involved TinyCo seemed with fixing this glitch fast, and btw you are awesome bunny! 😀


  16. Kevin McConnell

    Ok anybody else starting to have issues again/// All was well until I went to tap a little in TSTO and now im getting the “Bruce screen of death” again!
    I have tried the force close and a hard boot of my device and no go. Should I email TinyCo again?


    • The force close is only a temporary fix for the issue until the Update can go into effect. Sorry about that. You are still welcome to email them that the issue has returned. Just not sure at this time what further can be done until we get the Update into play.

      You can give it a lil time and try the force close again later to see if its just overloaded right now with players.


      • Thanks bunny, yeah I to it to work again so no worries there. Hate that neighbors are going to be down, as a freemium player not having that extra income will be rough. Although I am thinking of spending some to at least purchase more ” workers” so I can build more things .


    • Hopefully TinyCo can sort this out for you. It’s happened to me a few times but force quitting the app and going back in always fixes if for me. I know I’m dancing with devil… I have narrowed it down to only one of my neighbors though so there may be something there.


  17. OMG, My game is working now, Im shocked! I hope its last! so psyched! fingers crossed!


  18. Bruce is no longer harassing me


  19. Well………… I’m back on 😂 I got a email of tinyco last night with the questions, filled them out and sent back, tried logging in to the game today and I still got the same bruce lv up screen…………. So I decided to do a factory reset on my tablet……….. And it worked 😂😂😂😂😂😂


  20. I’m pretty sure the glitch is resolved. All you have to do is force quit the app and then restart your device and it’s fixed. (I think)


  21. if you are still seeing Bruce level up screen, click on the facespace page for him, then hard close the app from there and when you reboot the app you will get into the game!

    hope this helps! it works for me!


  22. Mines working so far but I still have Bruce he on a task at the mo


  23. Well its 12.17 in the UK so guessing about 7am EDT and my Bruce Glitch has gone! I thought it was a fluke but have got in three times now and collected four neighbours coins before it crashed…..but on restarting it Bruce is gone!!!!! Wahooooo!


  24. I booted up my game and still had the Bruce screen. Decided to force stop the game and tried again and the Bruce screen was gone. 🙂


  25. The clouds have parted, the stars are out and Cyber is a happy dog. ….🎵ding dong the glitch is dead🎵……..I’m back in my game!!! Thank you TinyCo, Thank you Bunny, Thank you Alissa…………now excuse me while I drag Bruce around town…..Lol


    • Hahahaha. Lemme know if it lasts ok. He is still hiding in the bushes and may pounce again until a physical update hits to wipe him out for good on all devices.

      Yours and Safi’s were the first reported of the issue that I sent to him. They may still be tweaking away at your game as we speak. I just know a final fix still has not been found. Closing in on Bruce…but not quite there yet. 🙂


      • Seems like they also fixed “Deco Mode” too. Objects grab and move much more smoothly. Multiverse is still a scroll and tap exercise (and now a connection glitch has surfaced)……Consuela, you do not want to be the “new” Bruce….who was the old Meg! Lol ….”Oh, No…No…Noooo!”…..but, I’m sure all hiccups will be address in due time.👍


      • Well Bruce pounced!! But I logged back in and he was gone….they (TinyCo) are getting oh so close to a fix. Side note, Consuela purchase price has been lowered to 300 clams. Not sure about other item prices.


        • I noticed that. Waiting to see if there are any other significant changes to the game. Right now, I just want to get people INTO the game and playing first. 😉


  26. An. Oh nooooooooo,

    Bruce is back, sigh 😱, back to tsto lol.


    • Well. At least it lets us know that they are making some progress on it. No worries. My emails have not stopped yet with them. I will keep on updating as it progresses. I have to say, for an issue only being a lil over 24hrs old…they sure jumped right on top of it. 🙂


      • Oh yeah they have been great, I have even received a few emails back from them already so no worries. I am actually really impressed with them right now kn their support of this.


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