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Carl Available For Android!!

Hey there Clammers. I already updated this information on the main post, but figured I would make a separate post just in case. Carl has been released for Android!!


In order to be able to view him, make sure you go to the Google Play Market and update your Family Guy: The Quest For Stuff Game to the 1.4.1 Version to be up to date on the game and have the ability to see Carl. If you have technical issues like the video kicking you out, please report it. 

Remember he is NOT a Character. Just a random guy that will pop in n out of your game whenever he feels like it. He also will NOT always have videos for you to watch. If you want more specific details on Carl, go to the original post HERE.

So update and get to watching some videos. WOOHOO! Have you updated yet? Watch any Videos? Get some Free Clams? Let us know.


1.4 Update is Here!! Check Your App Market

Hey there Clammers. TinyCo has dropped a lil update into our games. Now it will take a while for all 3 markets to finally see this. So give it a lil time for it to hit your device completely.


More info coming…. Continue reading