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The Basics Of Family Guy: The Quest For Stuff/ Contact TinyCO

Hey there my new little friends. Bunny here with helping hands…errr..paws? Lol. Well here I am, trying to help out in the same regard I always have loved to. I will be taking you on a lil journey with me to give you a few pointers and things you may want to know when you first start out your game.

help and support

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New Game, New Friends!

Hello There Questers!

So we’ve got a new game upon us and that means it’s time to add friends to our little Quahog World!  So here’s you’re “Add Me” thread!

So now…hit up this post with your ID’s and Add Me Requests!  Who wants to be first?

Note of caution: Currently the ONLY way to add friends in this game is via Facebook (meaning your friends have to have the game and use Facebook to login too).  We caution you to be careful how much real life information you give out.  You may want to consider making a Facebook account JUST for this game and not putting any personal information on it.  And yes, we’re not fans of the Facebook only rule right now.  Hopefully it will change soon!  You guys are on your own with how much real life information you want to share with others when it comes to adding friends…

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