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New Stuff!!

Hey all!

Bouncing by here really quickly just to update you. I am still here, still working in the background to get everything caught up for the site. I so appreciate all the amazing Addicts Helpers that have really stepped up to keep this site going.

That being said, you will now see Lotty around more helping out with posts AND moderation, so please be patient and kind to her as she is doing all she can to assist in taking some of the burden off of me too.

You will also notice another new name on posts, Ares. He has already assisted in writing many posts while I have been gone and will continue to help when he can.

I will be going through comments here in a bit and moderating them, hang in there… I am also trying to help get details out for my new helpers too. Work in progress, but it should help the site. 🙂

In short, HI! I missed you guys, but help is now going to be around to hopefully keep the comments in moderation and the posts coming for you. 🙂