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Quahog Christmas Quick Walkthroughs: Jesus Christ is Coming to Town

Bless me Father for I have sinned…

Oh Hello There Clammers!

Forgive me as the Catholic in me feels a bit guilty as I write out this post.  Something tells me I’m gonna need to spend a WHOLE lotta time in the confessional after this one is done.

ANYWAY….it’s Christmas in our Tiny Quahogs and nothing puts the Christ in Christmas like Jesus Christ himself!

Jesus is an all new playable character for our Tiny Quahogs that can be “Crafted” via Santa’s Workshop.  For the low, low price…oh who am I kiddin?!  I’m already saying Jesus Christ over and over again…I can’t lie too!  For the insanely ridiculous price that will drive you up a frakkin wall of 100 Snowflakes and 15,000 Cookies…Jesus can be yours!  But trust me before you get there you’ll be cursing his name…either that or calling out “Save me Jebus!” (oh wait wrong game!)

Anyway…once JC arrives in your Quahog he is a full character complete with a full list of tasks & a questline.  He also has 1 pretty sweet task…where he turns water into clams! So now let’s take a closer look at this Birthday Boy’s questline..and just what you can expect when he arrives in your Tiny Quahog…. Continue reading