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Quahog Comic-Con Walkthrough Pt. 6

Hello There Clammers!

Before I get into the walkthrough I just want to take a minute to say thank you all for your patience with us in moderating the comments this past weekend.  Bunny & I are both back from our mini vacations relaxed (for now), tan..and ready to fight the final week of Comic-Con!  So let’s get into things shall we?

Comic-Con phase 6 arrived in our tiny Quahogs last week!  The sixth phase brought in a new super hero and a crazy new fabulous challenge!  I know many of you are curious about what’s in store for us in our Tiny Quahogs during the sixth phase of this event..So with that in mind here’s the full quick walkthrough for phase 6 of the event (phase 1 can be found herephase 2 can be found herephase 3 can be found herephase 4 can be found here and phase 5 can be found here)  This covers the main quests that popup during the 6th week of Comic-Con including: The Fabulous Four and Turbo Baby.

So now let’s train to fight an epic battle shall we?

Captain Hammered Red Hot Lois
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