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Quahog Christmas Quick Walkthroughs: Phase 4 Side Quests, Fruit Cakes, A Very Jewish Christmas & More!

Hello There Clammers!

Phase 4 of Christmas hit our Tiny Quahogs late last week & with it brought a whole new slew of tasks and questlines to keep our magic fingers busy!  We’ve already broken down the main Phase 4 questline, Reindeer Games, and now it’s time to take a look at some of the side quests that popup during this fourth, and final, phase of Christmas.

In this post we’ll cover the questlines Dry as Fruitcake & A Very Jewish Christmas.  This will give you guys a good indication of who needs to do what to complete all the aspects of Phase 4.

Note: We will be covering KISS in another post. And that info will be coming soon.

So now…let’s tackle those side quests

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