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Mobsters Week 5 “Glitch” Report

UPDATE 3:50PM EST: See the different sections below for some updates. 


FYI: Myself and Alissa currently are NOT able to get into the game on our Android Devices. It just crashes. It has been reported. Will update if we hear anything back as it seems to be spreading. 

It seems the crashing was originally linked to only a few Android Devices over the weekend, but as you can see… it is spreading. I am on GS4, and Alissa is on GS6. Both are unable to access the game. 

UPDATE 7/6 2:55PM EST: I am now able to get back into my Android Device. Let us know if you can too. (Alissa is still down)

I was able to get back into my device after using an iOS device to go in and tap on a bunch of items. Exited the game. Then went by to my Android device and got right in. 

p.s. Alissa tried my shortcut of using an iOS device, it gave her access to her game too. 


Hey there Mafioso!

After Week 5 content was released, we saw many reports from players of odd things happening in your games. No worries, we are always here helping. Even when you do not see it.

Just before I went off the grid, I did send off a full report to TinyCo to look into. Take a peek below to see if any applies to you.

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Get Play Area Glitch

UPDATE 11/12: Reports of the mini update hitting devices and allowing players back in til the main one is pushed. So please check your devices to see if you can get back in the game now. 


Hey there Clammers. Bouncing on by due to I know a lot of your are still anxiously awaiting to play the game. This is the latest update we received on the “getPlayArea” glitch that hit players.

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