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Death At The Drive- In Phase 3 LIVE!! UPDATED

UPDATE 330PM EASTERN: GetPlayArea Error is back. If you see it, know they’re already working on it. Use the “HELP” icon to report it in the meantime. PATCHED! Restart your device if needed to put it in your game. 

UPDATE: FYI, I am aware of the timer starting on Buddy Cianci as soon as you moved into Phase 3. Reported on my end, please do so as well on yours.

Hey there Scream Queens!!

I hope you all know where your Stuffed Animals & Dollies are as it is about to get a lil bit more KID SCARY IN HERE!!!

Phase 3 is now live in our games, and even MORE HORRORS are to be had. No I am not just talking about Movie Reels!!  hack hack hack hack chop chop chop chop kill kill kill kill….



Chucky & Stewie

  • First up, you will have to be on Part 9 of Death at the Drive-in the Sequel 
  • You will need to be at Scream Level 8Scream Level 8 or Higher
  • Play the New Event Phase to access ALL Content. With every new Event Phase there are “unlock points” for many items, so play through the Main Questline in order to see it all. I will Update Unlock points if any as I find them.

WARNING: There is another 24hr Timed Item in the Movie Projection Booth. This time it will be another Building Skin, The Petergeist Household. Same kind of trigger point that the items BEFORE it once created will make it so the timer will start on the next tap in Booth. 

Also, DO NOT REPAIR STOLEN BLUE CAR!! Not just yet anyway. It triggers Esther’s 7 Day Timer. So be prepared before jumping in.

Stolen Blue Car

Back with more in a bit…

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