Death At The Drive- In Phase 3 LIVE!! UPDATED

UPDATE 330PM EASTERN: GetPlayArea Error is back. If you see it, know they’re already working on it. Use the “HELP” icon to report it in the meantime. PATCHED! Restart your device if needed to put it in your game. 

UPDATE: FYI, I am aware of the timer starting on Buddy Cianci as soon as you moved into Phase 3. Reported on my end, please do so as well on yours.

Hey there Scream Queens!!

I hope you all know where your Stuffed Animals & Dollies are as it is about to get a lil bit more KID SCARY IN HERE!!!

Phase 3 is now live in our games, and even MORE HORRORS are to be had. No I am not just talking about Movie Reels!!  hack hack hack hack chop chop chop chop kill kill kill kill….



Chucky & Stewie

  • First up, you will have to be on Part 9 of Death at the Drive-in the Sequel 
  • You will need to be at Scream Level 8Scream Level 8 or Higher
  • Play the New Event Phase to access ALL Content. With every new Event Phase there are “unlock points” for many items, so play through the Main Questline in order to see it all. I will Update Unlock points if any as I find them.

WARNING: There is another 24hr Timed Item in the Movie Projection Booth. This time it will be another Building Skin, The Petergeist Household. Same kind of trigger point that the items BEFORE it once created will make it so the timer will start on the next tap in Booth. 

Also, DO NOT REPAIR STOLEN BLUE CAR!! Not just yet anyway. It triggers Esther’s 7 Day Timer. So be prepared before jumping in.

Stolen Blue Car

Back with more in a bit…


AFTER Death at the Drive In III Part 2 
Quagmire Starts

Check Out the Prize– Tapping on “GO” takes you to see this Week’s Prize, Maniac Surgeon
Clear 32 Swirling Ghosts in 3 Days- Swirling GhostJust tap on them to Clear them
Clear 12 Headless Horsemen in 3 Days- Headless Horseman 2Each Requires TWO Pumpkin Launchers from the Movie Prop Shack & 1hr 30mins Each to Create



Maniac SurgeonManiac Surgeon(Decoration): Sits on a 2×2 base. Is animated. Messes around with the parts, laughs maniacally when tapped.

***More on this as I go through it.



I had this in the Walkthrough Post, but wanted to place it here too just in case. This is just another optional item for you to try.

AFTER Death at the Drive In III Part 5 Starts
Shake Your Pirate’s Booty

Peter starts

Earn the Ghost Pirate from the Projection Booth30 Movie Reel 2 Movie Reels
Get the Cursed Ghost Pirate and Lady Ghost Pirate from the ShopCursed 50 3D Glasses3D Glasses & Lady 20 3D Glasses3D Glasses
Have Slasher Bait Peter Dodge Pirate Parrot Poop3hrs, Earns 45Family Guy Coin, 28xp

Completed Task Earns 1 Exclusive Ghost Pirate (Drunk Ghost Pirate Decoration) 

Drunk Ghost PirateDrunk Ghost Pirate (Decoration): Sits on a 1×1 base. Currently not animated at all.



Jack O Lantern LatheJack O Lantern Lathe: 80 ClamsClam Icon, Earns $40 & 4Scream PointSP every 8hrs, ALWAYS Drops 1 PumpkinPumpkins, +50 Scream PointSP Placement Bonus

Magic Lamp MerchantMagic Lamp Merchant: 60 ClamsClam Icon, Earns $30 & 2Scream PointSP every 4hrs, +50 Scream PointSP Placement Bonus

Melted ChocoMelted Choco: 250 ClamsClam Icon, Earns $45 & 4Scream PointSP every 8hrs, ALWAYS Drops 12 Chocolate BarChocolates, +100 Scream PointSP Placement Bonus


Abandoned Quahog HospitalAbandoned Quahog Hospital: 125 3D Glasses3D Glasses, Earns $90 & 6Scream PointSP every 24hrs



Cursed Ghost PirateCursed Ghost Pirate: 50 3D Glasses3D Glasses

Lady Ghost PirateLady Ghost Pirate: 20 3D Glasses3D Glasses

Redrum BlocksRedrum Blocks: 10 3D Glasses3D Glasses, +40Scream Point Placement Bonus

Swamp Monster: FREE!!!! This was a happy glitch. It is not supposed to be there.

Trick or Treating DogTrick or Treating Dog (Walking Decoration): 25 3D Glasses3D Glasses

Cold BonesCold Bones (Walking Decoration): 50 3D Glasses3D Glasses

Cold Bones Peace Pipe



Esther 2Esther: Requires you to repair the Stolen Blue Car first. Once you do, you will see the items you need to pull her in the game and start her 7 DAY TIMER!!


Zit Cream12 Zit Creams (Common): Haunted TV Set (Movie Projection Booth)

Pink Hair Ties6 Pink Hair Ties (Rare): Death’s Dog’s House (Movie Projection Booth) OR Death’s Dog Do the Scoot

Fan Fictions10 Fan Fictions (Uncommon): The Black Sand Dollar (Movie Projection Booth)

Haunted TV SetHaunted TV Set


Death's DogDeath’s Dog: He is in the Movie Projection Booth in Death’s Dog’s House for 70 Movie Reels. So you must FIRST purchase his House in the Booth, then once placed & Built you can see the items you will be required to get in order to have him in your game.


Lassie's Bones30 Lassie’s Bones (Common): Swirling Ghosts

Antifreeze10 Bottles of Antifreeze (Uncommon): Pet Costume Shop (Movie Projection Booth)

Rubber Steaks5 Rubber Steaks (Rare): Black Clam (Movie Projection Booth),  Pinhead Solve Puzzle Box (Added 10/19)

Death Kick BackHave Death Kick Back (8hrs)


Chucky 2Chucky: 260 ClamsClam Icon, Fully tasked, Comes with Questline, Drops 1 PumpkinPumpkin (8hrs), He IS Voiced (mixed with clips from Movie)


Mike MyersBUILDING TASK CHANGE NOTICE: Michael Myers task to get 1 Silver Cannon BallSilver Cannonballs has now changed. Instead it will require the Quahog Day Spa


Swirling Ghost

Swirling Ghosts will start to appear in your game during the Main Questline AFTER Death At The Drive In III Part 1. They do follow the Maze system making them a bit easier to tap on and get items.

They have a Chance drop of 1 Chocolate BarChocolate Bar OR 1 Lassie's BonesLassie’s Bones (once Death’s Dog is being collected for) OR Nothing

To know their Spawn, Tap on your Movie Screen. It will tell you what Horror is Coming out Next, how many of them, and how much longer until they come out.



There is a NEW Item in the Concessions Stand, Chocolate Bars. It will be the New Exchange Currency for Movie Reels.

Chocolate BarChocolate Bars: Melted Choco OR Headless Horsemen OR Swirling Ghost

Right now this is the ONLY option I see in the Concession Stand for Exchange. My current Level is 12 and I am starting into Phase 3.

  • Scream Level 12: 10 Chocolate Bars for 5 Movie Reel 2Movie Reels

Just FYI… this has changed a few times now. It’s seems as I gather Materials. JUST Popcorn and JUST Soda trades opened momentarily for me. Then once I use the items, the option went again. Chocolate has changed too 3 times up n down. So, same as last Phase. Watch YOUR game for YOUR options.



Headless Horseman 2

There is a new Horror coming out of the Movie Screens now, the Headless Horsemen. They will start to appear in your game during the Main Questline AFTER Death At The Drive In III Part 1.

Headless Horseman 2Headless Horsemen: Requires TWO Pumpkin Launchers to take them out as they are 50HP and each Launcher is 25HP Damage

Pumpkin LauncherPumpkin Launcher: Requires 1 Pumpkin & 1hr 30mins to Create in the Movie Prop Shack

PumpkinPumpkins (ALWAYS): Slasher Bait Lois Do Cheerleader Poses OR Death Kick Back OR Chucky Play With Knives OR Chris Eat a Large Ham OR Slasher Cat Cave OR Hot & Muggy Coffee Shop OR Jack-O-Lantern Lathe OR Pumpkin Pyramid

To take out a Headless Horseman is same as Unholy Nuns & Werewolves. Purple = Good, Take the shot… Normal= Bad

Headless Horseman Purple 1

They payout 12 Chocolate BarChocolate Bars when finally taken out and burst into flames.


If you want to know their spawn, tap on the Movie Screen. You will see WHAT Horror is coming out next, how many of them, and how soon until they come out.



As you can see above, a NEW Item is now in the Movie Prop Shack. The Pumpkin Launcher.

Pumpkin LauncherPumpkin Launcher: Requires 1 Pumpkin & 1hr 30mins to Create in the Movie Prop Shack

PumpkinPumpkins (ALWAYS): Slasher Bait Lois Do Cheerleader Poses OR Death Kick Back OR Chucky Play With Knives OR Chris Eat a Large Ham OR Slasher Cat Cave OR Hot & Muggy Coffee Shop OR Jack-O-Lantern Lathe OR Pumpkin Pyramid

Remember, you can ONLY have 6 at anytime in your QUEUE being made. The CAPACITY though will depend on YOUR game and what YOU buy. So you can keep making items from the Shack up until you hit YOUR Capacity.



Page 3 of the Movie Projection Booth is in our games now with another group of items to earn for and collect as you progress in the game. Remember you have to unlock them in sequence. You have to finish EVERYTHING BEFORE to move on. Pages included.

Here are the New Items Phase 3 brought us.

Haunted TV SetHaunted TV Set (Building): 20 Movie Reel 2Movie Reels, Earns $45 & 2Scream PointSP every 8hrs, Chance 2 Zit CreamZit Creme

Ghost PirateGhost Pirate (Decoration): 30 Movie Reel 2Movie Reels

Black Sand DollarBlack Sand Dollar (Building): 50 Movie Reel 2Movie Reels, Earns $40 & 2Scream PointSP every 6hrs, Chance 2 Fan FictionsFan Fictions

Death's Dog's HouseDeath’s Dog’s House (Building): 70 Movie Reel 2Movie Reels, Earns $30 & 1Scream PointSP every 4hrs, +70Scream PointSP Placement Bonus, Chance 2 Pink Hair TiesPink Hair Ties. Placing it starts Collection for Death’s Dog Character

Pet Costume ShopPet Costume Shop (Building): 90 Movie Reel 2Movie Reels, Earns $30 & 1Scream PointSP every 4hrs, Chance Bottles of 2AntifreezeAntifreeze

Shinebright TwinsThe Shinebright Twins (Decoration): 100 Movie Reel 2Movie Reels

Black ClamThe Black Clam (Building): 120 Movie Reel 2Movie Reels,  Earns $10 & 1Scream PointSP every 1hr, Chance 2Rubber SteaksRubber Steaks


Now with the 7th Prize acquired above, any further taps no matter where they are triggered from that take you to the Projection Booth with start the 24HR TIMER ON PETERGEIST HOUSEHOLD BUILDING SKIN

Petergeist Household (Building Skin): Movie Reel 2500 Movie Reels



Death at the Drive-In III 
Jerome starts

Pt. 1: Ghosts Are Coming & Clear 4 Ghosts & Have Jerome Reinforce Locks (1min)
Pt. 2 (Peter): Headless Horsemen are Coming & Have Slasher Bait Peter Hum Suspenseful Music (1hr) & Have Slasher Bait Lois Ignore Strange Noises (2hrs)


After starting Part 1 
Meg Has Another Friend
Peter starts

Pt. 1: Search for Meg’s Kidnapped Friend (takes you to repair car)
Pt. 2 (Lois): Save Esther & Have Esther Bad Gene Dance


There you have it. The Basics for now to get you started on the New Phase. More details will be coming.

What do you think so far? Any items that look interesting to you? Are you going to pick up Chucky? Let us know.


358 responses to “Death At The Drive- In Phase 3 LIVE!! UPDATED

  1. FIVE HUNDRED!?!?!? (LOL) Seriously, I am missing something (along with being WAY behind). How do you accumulate film reels that fast to get 500? Thanks for all you ladies do. 🙂


  2. Has anyone obtained the Petergeist House skin? I’d like to know what it drops and how often.


  3. Just curious if anyone knows why I havent been able to start task for witch connie or duck stewie? im a level 51 and in phase 3. Was this last year maybe?


    • Did you get them before this event? If so, you may have already done one for them.


    • They were available 2014 for sure, can’t say if they were this year as I already have them. They help with 3D glasses but are constantly in werewolf mode as they don’t drop anything valuable enough to warrant healing, unless part of particular quest.


  4. I’ve fallen about a week behind on this event. (I blame Patty.) I was just wondering, in your opinion, if I should move on to phase 3, or stay on Phase 2 a little longer to stockpile more film reels. I’m keeping the consistent exchange rate of 25 popcorn and 15 drinks for 12 reels, which is pretty easy. And it seems to me that the rates get a little steep and lackluster again in Phase 3. At this point, I really only care about getting Death’s Dog and maybe his mom. (Hoping she’s a projection booth prize as well.)


  5. Does anyone know if I get the Pirates for the pirate challenge before the challenge hits my game, if they will count? I have enough sunglasses to get them both now, but want to know if I should wait til the challenge hits for me? I just started week 3 quests, but I think I might be able to catch up some this week. If I can get enough reels!


  6. Bunny,
    Should I use my chocolate bars now or wait for phase 4? I have 280.


  7. The strangest thing just happened. I was trading 15 chocolate bars for 5 reels. I hit trade and instead of a little reel popping out of the concession stand it was a little red caution emblem. If you go to the build screen where you add/remove roads the “nuke everything” button in the bottom left hand corner… that’s the little red emblem that I’m talking about. A little nuke em button was produced from the trade. But get this, when I clicked it instead of 5 reels it gave me 25.
    If it happens again I’ll try to screen shot it.
    BTW earlier today my game glitched wgere I had infinite 3D glasses. I ended up buying the skins and 30+ mystery vans. I have a van dealership in my town producing screams like crazy 🙂


  8. Just picked up the abandoned hospital skin. Totally worth it. Looks great in this event. Going after Deaths Dog and concentrating on getting him unlocked next.


  9. Bunny my Petergiest skin makes the Griffin house invisable(best way to describe it)as soon as I switch it the house reappears. Has anyone else complained about this. It’s does it on all my devices.


  10. Does the Petergeist skin have to be cleared to go into phase 4? Also my Brian is walking around but when I tap on him to put him on a task it pulls up the cannon like he is a werewolf.


    • Cleared OR timed out if you want to just pass on the Building Skin and save your Reels for Phase 4


    • Carmjon, your Brian is a werewolf, dear. That has happened to me. When I first got the new Ghostbuster costume for Joe Swanson, he was still rolling around even though he’d clearly been turned into a werewolf. Have u tried to use the cannon? That would be the first thing I’d try to do.


  11. Shoot, i thought those cute lil kids in costumes, which can be acquired from the Mystery Box, were actual characters with actual questlines. They’re just decorations that walk around like the Trick-or-Treat Dog. Oh well. Waste of clams, lol.

    Liked by 1 person

  12. Finally just unlocked slasher Lois! So far behind even though I play daily and use clams, messaged tinyco and got the generic “as intended” response… Not impressed 😦

    Liked by 1 person

  13. I’m a little curious as to why one of the options in my concession stand has a green checkmark. Does anyone know? I always have like 4 or 5 other options, but the one with only candy bars (usually 15 bars for 5 reels) has a green check mark. I first thought it was cuz that’s the one i have selected, but that’s not it. Any ideas?


    • Yup… means scroll LEFT. More options are in front of it. Many forget it scrolls both right and left and miss options 😉


      • Now, I have two options in my concession stand with checkmarks…at the same time! They’re not on each end. Plus, I can scroll left & right of the checkmark on the candy bars. The other checkmark is on the option all the way left. So, I’m not sure of your logic. I suppose it’s not a big deal. I was just curious if anyone else was experiencing the same thing. Thx for all you do, dear.


  14. I’m stuck with only having 15 chocolate bars for 5 reels at the concession stand for 3 days now. Kinda suck cos it’ll take me ages to get the black Pearl. I have exchanged a few and it’s still stuck with that. I reported to tinyco support and they said it’s random so there’s no glitch. Anyone having this problem?


  15. Where is the timer for the Petergeist skin. I think I accidentely started it. My screen stuck for a couple of seconds and then moved really fast like it does every once in awhile and when I put my finger down to stop it I think it opened the projection booth it happened so fast. It’s not showing on my task bar but I have 12 tasks on my bar.


  16. I’m curious, does anyone here have any intention of spending the $100 for the Petergeist house? Or better yet have bought it already? That maybe would be the ultimate addict right there. Or someone loaded with cash, in which case, HEY! WIRE ME SOME $$$!


  17. You have Trick-Or-Treat Dog and old Bones listed as Walking decorations, but in my game it says only Lady Ghost and Cursed Ghost are Animated. Also is the Swamp Monster still a happy glitch or no?


  18. I’m moving through the Phase 3 Projection Booth page quickly because the concession stand rates are lower now, but Death’s dog has to be completely unlocked in order to complete the main questline. I’ll have the 7th week 3 item soon, but I won’t unlock Death’s dogs by the time phase 4 goes live, so looks like I’ll still be a little behind even though this week has been a little easier. :/


  19. Does Esther require Death’s dog to be unlocked or just his house?


  20. are the drop-rates for the pumpkins and the chocolate bars “ALWAYS” or something else because i’ve cleared quite a few of swirling ghosts and headless horseman and the chocolate bars aren’t droppin every time?


    • Horseman will drop 15 chocolate bats upon KILL. That’s 2 shots.

      Swirling Ghosts are random. Like rare. 1 Chocolate Bar here n there

      Pumpkins don’t from from either.


      • Did the horsemen change their drops within the last 12 hours? I was still collecting 12 choc bars then..


        • What do you mean? How did yours “change”?


          • Are the horsemen now dropping 15 chocolates per kill? Or was that a typo in your response to sweettat? In my game the headless horsemen have only dropped 12 chocolates per kill since the phase started. Maybe they raised the drop amount a little? Would be nice since it takes 15 chocolates for 5 reels. In my game, at least.


          • Mine did not “change.” I was replying to your comment saying “horseman will drop 15 chocolate,” because I only ever (including an hour ago) received 12 chocolate from a horseman.


          • I think he meant that his headless horsemen r only dropping 12 candy bars, same as mine, but u mentioned above that they drop 15. Actually, u said 15 bats, but it’s all good, lol.


  21. Do you need deaths dog fully completed in order to get the hair ties needed for Esther to be given out?


    • Of course. As it is from Death’s Dog. You can’t have a Character unlock an item unless that Character is live and active in the game. 😉


      • The wording was a little confusing, but I think he actually may have meant do you have to collect all the materials to unlock deaths dog after placing his house before you can start collecting for Ester. If that’s the case then no. You only have to place deaths dogs house to start getting hair ties. It’s his HOUSE that collects the hair ties. Not deaths dog-the character. I’ve placed deaths dogs house, but not even close to unlocking him yet, but his house is dropping the hair ties for me.


  22. You can now buy pinhead and he helps with steaks for deaths dog he is 240 clams, also a mystery box for 3d glasses, but you can only open it 3 times then it disappears, but it’s all materials in it, I got 4 pumpkins and 50 reels…thought I’d let everyone know..


  23. You know, I’ve just find myself not even bothering with the 24 hour quests ag the end of each page. It’s not worth frustration imo. Unless it’s a full character, then maybe, but other than that, nah.


  24. I’ve played every day all day since the beginning of this event and am still a week behind. Took me the whole time to unlock death and these bats drop like 1-2 sodas most of the time. I gotta rely on werewolves every six hours to get me what I need. Just not enough time to get everything. Grrrr sorry had to vent a little. I’m over it thanks for listening 😁


  25. Pinhead is now here! Welcome to Oblivion! 240 Clams and always drops Steak for Death Dog. Also i got a mission to open Ollies lil Box 3 times. it cost 1 3d glasses each and gave various amounts of pumpkins, water balloons, and silver balls and 25 reels. Lucky me i got 25 reelz one of the times. It then disappeared.


  26. About to start the quest to tap 32 ghosts, so i thought I’d prep myself and let them build up, but it’s been 24 hours and i still only have 4 ghosts roaming. If anyone’s completed this challenge do they know if i can get more than 4 or if i should just start it and than more will appear?


    • It’s dependent on what the Spawns are out your Movie Screen


      • When you did the challenge did it seem pretty easy to tap that many ghosts as long as you keep checking the movie screen for their spawns or did you do any wierd prep?


        • I triggered it right away due to pulling info for the site… Soni had to use some clams to speed the spawns. But they seemed to come out pretty well timed for it.


          • Thanks


            • I didn’t have to use any clams and I finished that challenge a day early, Actually I would have finished sooner, but I was waiting on pumpkin launchers. Cleared 32 ghosts well before I cleared 12 headless horsemen. You should be fine to just start it now.


              • I agree with Steph T. I was worried about that quest at first but actually finished it early. It was cool cuz i had another quest that required ghosts at the same time. So, it was like a double whammy…but a good one 🙂
                Oh, and yes. While attempting those quests, I only had 4 ghosts roaming at once. I have more now, which is probably on purpose from greedy TinyCo.


  27. Full Metal Arthur

    Finally I know what’s coming. After spending clams to get patty, I will wait to get slasher louis, which will take me a couple of days. Also, I think im behind like 1 week. On the last days of the event, I hope not to miss important stuff


  28. I’ve checked quiet a few posts for info, but am sort if I’m asking a question previously answered: I have a ! Over both slasher bait Peter and slasher bait Lois. ( I assume the ! Over Peter is for Esther’s car) but does anyone know what the ! Over Lois’s head does trigger?‽❣❕❗️


  29. Bunny I know you’ve gone over this but for me the exchange rate in concession stand has been only sodas for the last several days.b


    • You in Phase 3 fully? Questline and all?


      • I’m done with all questlines just waiting on phase 4 and actually it’s only chocolate bars not sodas. Sorry


      • Mine is like this too. I had some options that I was really happy with for the first couple days of Phase 3, but as soon as I went from scream level 8 to level 9 it changed. Now I have only soda options and only chocolate options for a couple days now. And the soda options are strange. Like one of them says 32 sodas for 10 reels and the other one says 35 sodas for 10 reels. Not sure why that is cuz if you have the option to spend 32 sodas or 35 sodas for the same amount of reels, obviously you’re going to pick the 32 sodas option lol. before I would have at least one combo option, but not since I went up to level 9. Just hoping they’ll come back.. which i’m sure they will.


        • Mine has been 15 bars for 5 reels which imo is a joke! I’ve got 1,000+ tubs of popcorn and 500+ sodas and no way to use them for the past few days. Come to think about the higher my reel count went up is when this started. I think once I hit 350-400.


          • Wendy, what is your scream level? I’m at 11 & always have like 5 options in the concession stand. It’s probably either yer level or the fact that u have so many reels, & the game is making it more difficult for u.


            • Julie B I’m at scream level 18 with 745 reels, 1175 popcorn, 1008 sodas and only 133 chocolate bars. I was actually thinking the same thing.


  30. So what happens for people that just start playing FGTQFS for the first time, like for instance today? Do they have access to the event? Just a curiosity question…. I’d think it would be pointless to play the event if you didn’t have the character resources etc.


  31. Ah never mind, I just saw that when you click on them they show only 25 HP instead of 50 HP if they have been hit once already…


  32. Do you have to launch two pumpkins at the horses at the same time? Or can you launch one and then launch another one hours later?


  33. Apologies if this has already been addressed, but when is a good time to repair the blue car for Esther?


  34. Do I need to get Lois to get to phase 3


  35. My haunted tv set doesn’t show any chance of getting the zit creams. Does that mean it won’t start dropping any until I start the Esther quest line or should items be able to build up before attempting to unlock her? Wanted to seek your advise before messaging Tinyco.


    • If the Character does not exist in the game, neither will the drops for them. So, since she is technically not “active” and squirming in the Car Trunk with her required Materials triggered, there is no way for the game to drop them. Make sense? 😉


  36. Howdy,
    Just wanted to know how max number of ghosts that can be in play. Trying to keep as many in game space as possible.
    Love your work


    • That I do not know. The Bats were 30, so I assume around that if not less. It is hard to say as MAX numbers also depend on YOUR game. So they can and will vary by Players. That is why it is not a set provided number.


  37. I gotta ask, I finally saved up enough 3-D glasses to get joes hell house skin, and I had no event xp added. Do you know if that was intended or not? Thank you!


  38. wildthornberry88

    I hope the prize ghost pirate gets animated later on, or at least had his outline/colours edited to match the other 3. Right now he looks really odd next to them.


  39. Hi Bunny, I got the free Swamp Monster, but now read I shouldn’t have as it was a glitch. Is it safe to leave it in my Quahog or should I tuck it away in my inventory incase causes issues later.


  40. Well, none of the remaining 3 absolute killers are in Phase 3’s Projection Booth like Shasher Cat was for Phase 1. Looks like 2 or possibly all 3 of them might be in the phase.
    Anyway, I hope they are easier to get like Slasher Cat was rather than the Buddy Cianci and Petergeist skins.


  41. I just purchased deaths dog with the film reels but when I go to place it in the game it doesn’t allow me to do it. Any ideas?


  42. Does the popcorn ever come back into the equation for collecting reels, now only have the drinks option


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