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“Upgrade Game” Issue

UPDATE 12/22:  Per TinyCo… “The 1.5.5 update for Android is out! It may take a few hours to appear in your store. Once you update, you’ll be able to visit neighbors as normal – and you can tap those pesky Procrastinators, stunning them with your mighty finger.” Also, for those of you having the “Event Ending Prematurely” issue, this should help resolve it. If you still are experiencing it, please email them right away at help@tinyco.com

UPDATE: I have been going back and forth with TinyCo on these issues. They are fully aware of all the different things going on causing the Pop Up. They are working on way to help fix it. Hang in there. 


ADDITIONAL UPDATE: For those of you rounding the Profits vs Prophets Part 10, there IS a wording glitch in the dialog. It states to hit Cheer Level 6 and to Upgrade to the Jolly Christmas Tree…however what it SHOULD say is the Festive Christmas Tree, which will be the next Tree Level released. So essentially all players will stop at this point until the Next Tree is released. Profits vs Prophets Part 10

Festive Christmas Tree


Hey there Demented Elves.

Bouncing by with some details and info to help out with an issue we see spreading to players. “Upgrade/Update Game”.

Consuela Technical Support Bunny Glitch

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