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Quest for Stuff Quick Walkthroughs: School District to Unlocking Pirate’s Cove

Hello there Clammers!

We last left off our walkthrough we had unlocked Lois and Mort and Peter was just suggesting we unlock the School District (District 4)…so he could find Joe.  So now we pick this back up with the complete quests that will pop up while in the School District!

The School District is where you’ll unlock Herbert, Joe & run into a bunch of wild tots!

Once again this District walkthrough is structured by questline  (Note: Questline is considered the entire task list that is required under a certain title.  For example The Lost Boys Pt. 1, Pt. 2 etc).  This should help you keep track of what comes next in each questline & what you’ll need to do.  Keep in mind, with this game various quests/tasks can be running at once.  You can be in the middle of 1 questline and another questline will start, however the order in which the questlines appear may be different for each game.

Unlocking characters in the School District takes a little more patience, as the list of “Stuff” required to unlock is longer, and the quantities of each are greater.  Take your time, try not to get frustrated when the items don’t appear.  Try a different task to unlock the item, or try working on a different item.

So let’s pick our walkthrough back up with Peter, the Lost Boys & the quest for NEW stuff!


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