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Extended Tea Party Toy Has Dropped!

Update: Just got word from our friends at TinyCo that the extension will end at 9pm TinyCo Time (PDT)…which is midnight on the East Coast & 0400GMT.

We were hoping (and they were pushing) for a 24 hr extension…BUT with the new update due to drop tomorrow (7/24) they’re up against TIGHT time restrictions.  Hopefully letting you guys know now about the end time will help you get everything you need to unlock your final toys….

Hello There Clammers!

Just after 1pm TinyCo Time (PDT) the new toy for the extended portion of the event has dropped…

2014-07-23 20.08.15

The new toy to collect is the Robot Trap Jaw. (thank you to the readers who pointed it out to me 🙂 )

All the same rules as before apply with regards to characters that can earn the Robot and the task length.

And we can now confirm….at least in my B game…nothing new has been added to the box.  So it’s the exact same content as before, just 1 extra day for it all.

Good Luck!