Family Guy Quest for THIS Stuff: Epic

So the name of the game is Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff, what stuff might you be after?  Here’s a list of the stuff (materials) you’re required to collect in the game to unlock more stuff!  This is the Stuff that is difficult to have drop-5-10% of the time- (if needed) when you complete the listed action:


Item Name Chance
Eyeball 5-10%
Earned By (Time):
Tweaked Out Peter Eye-Ripping Fun (6hrs)
Dr. Hartman Prepare for Exam (6hrs)


Item Name Chance
Whip 5-10%
Earned By (Time):
Fire Station (4hrs)
Hooker Peter Attrach New Clients (4hrs)
Tricia Seek Mother’s Approval (8hrs)


Item Name Chance
Temporal Distortion 5-10%
Earned By (Time):
No tasks yet


Item Name Chance
Silver Scroll 5-10%
Earned By (Time):
No tasks yet


Item Name Chance
Sea Shells 5-10%
Earned By (Time):
Lighthouse (6hrs)
Lobster Shanty (1hr)
Consuela Scrub Skidmarks (12hrs)

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17 responses to “Family Guy Quest for THIS Stuff: Epic

  1. I have been trying for eyeballs for months, so long that I put the game down for 3 or 4 months and picked it up again in july or so. Still no eyeballs!!!!!


  2. I call b.s on 5%. My Dr Hartman is on level 8 and has done nothing but go for eyeballs and has yet received none. Peter has gone about 30 rounds ripping out his eye and has gotten 1.
    I am ready to just delete this game as its so frustrating to just keep being ripped off. I’ve even wasted clams… But will never buy more as they have proved its just a joke.


    • Don’t ever spend clams on Districts. Ever. They’re here to stay. And the numbers as it states are OUR findings. Your results will vary. These are not TinyCo’s numbers. Those are never made public as it varies by player.

      If you look around the site… You’ll see every last one of us went through the drops every District. We’ve all experienced it. Hang in there. Eyeballs, headbands, plutonium, etc. It’s how the Districts are… but they’re here forever. So no need to rush. They stay the life of the game so you got all the time in the world. 😉


  3. So… it is not uncommon to play every player that drops an epic item for two weeks and not receiving the item?


    • It depends. If you send the EXACT same Character on the EXACT same task over and over… the more times you “fail” and do not get an item… the better chances of getting the item. TinyCo built in a buffer that after a certain amount of tries and failing the odds get better.


  4. I’ve never seen the Temporal Distortion item before. I also haven’t seen the silver scroll one either. Are they future items? How did you guys find out about them?


    • As it says here… it wasn’t in use. Some of these things are from the BETA version. The Silver Scroll is essentially now the Silver Ticket for the Brewery


  5. I have been trying to get eyeball for 3 weeks now and still have not gotten it. That’s all tweeked out Peter and Dr Hartman work on and still no sight of an eyeball. What can I do other than buy them?


    • Just keep trying. Those eyeballs were a nightmare to get. Lol. We all went through it. You have to just keep sending the same task over n over. Every loss increases your chance of getting.


  6. JimminyCrickets

    Is consensus that odds are 5-10%? I would say much less….

    Fire Station has not produced a whip yet, over 50 tries, and the eyeball has not appeared in over 100 with both Hartman and Peter. Lighthouse has not yet produced a clam again over 50 attempts.

    Statistically with 10% odds I would expect to produce an eyeball every ~3 days and at 5% every 6 days but this is not the case.

    I would expect the odds are somewhere around 1-3% and perhaps 5% for the extra rares.


  7. The Whip can be earned by Hooker Peter looking for clients as well. I should now, I have been trying for ever…
    And more nitpicking: you misspelled Temporal “Distrotion” and “Conseula” at the Sea Shells 😉


  8. Whip is also earned by
    Hooker Peter – Attract New Clients
    Tricia – Seek mother’s approval

    Still trying to get that last whip for S&M Lois (that’s my last costume to unlock!)


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