Family Guy Quest for THIS Stuff: Extra Rare

So the name of the game is Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff, what stuff might you be after?  Here’s a list of the stuff (materials) you’re required to collect in the game to unlock more stuff!  This is the Stuff that will occasionally-10-20%- drop (if needed) as you complete the tasks below:



Item Name Chance
Leather Glove 10-20%
Earned By (Time):
Midlife Crisis Lois Ride Bucking Bronco (8hrs)
Make Joe do Target Practice (8hrs)


Item Name Chance
Eyeshadow 10-20%
Earned By (Time):
Tweaked Out Peter Eye-Ripping Fun (6hrs)
Lois Freshen Up (6hrs)
Brain Damaged Horse Stare Vacantly (15hrs)
From Buddy Cinci Junior High (6hrs)
From Quahog Day Spa (2hrs)


Item Name Chance
Poncy hat 10-20%
Earned By (Time):
Seamus Sing Shanties (4hrs)
Yacht Club (4hrs)
Lobster Shanty (1hr)


Item Name Chance
Headband 10-20%
Earned By (Time):
Lois Practice Tai-Jitsu (2hrs)
Arcade (8hrs)


Item Name Chance
Soap 10-20%
Earned By (Time):
No tasks yet


Item Name Chance
Gift basket 10-20%
Earned By (Time):
No tasks yet


Item Name Chance
Plutonium 10-20%
Earned By (Time):
Make Rambo Lois Seek Vengeance (8hrs)
Make Brian Do the Scoot (8hrs)
Get from Buncha Junk Gift Shop (270 clams)

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2 responses to “Family Guy Quest for THIS Stuff: Extra Rare

  1. I nave reapeatly done lois practice tai-Jistu but I never get the head band


  2. Ugh! Headband! I’ve needed 1 for days!


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