Family Guy Quest for THIS Stuff: Guaranteed

So the name of the game is Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff, what stuff might you be after?  Here’s a list of the stuff (materials) you’re required to collect in the game to unlock more stuff!  This is the Stuff that will always drop (if needed) every time you complete the listed action:


Item Name Chance
Tub of Vaseline 100%
Earned By (Time):
Peter Surf the Bird (1m)
Quagmire’s House (1m)
Quagmire Raid Panties (1m)
Bruce Search for Job (1m)
Mort Feeble Flail (1m)


Item Name Chance
Burger 100%
Earned By:
McBurgertown (1hr)


Item Name Chance
Fireworks 100%
Earned By (Time):
Griffin House (30s)
Peter Surf the Bird (1m)


Item Name Chance
Tissues 100%
Earned By:
Chris Nose Goblins (1m)


Item Name Chance
Panties 100%
Earned By:
Bonnie Chug Bottle of Wine (1m)

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Common Stuff 
Uncommon Stuff
Rare Stuff
Extra Rare Stuff
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