Dia De Los Muertos Box

Hey there Minions. Looks like TinyCo snuck in that awesome lil Event Currency Box we love to see as our event is winding down. This one is stuffed full of some fun goodies.

Dia De Los Muertos Box

So you are pondering now what to do. Spend those saved up vials for a chance in the Box? What good are the items? Any benefits? Any animated? Well I am here to break them all down for you so you know what you will be getting for the cost of 500 Spirit Vials a try.

SUGAR SKULLS: Sits on a 2×2 base. Not animated. Really colorful and a cool decorative item to have in your town. I got a couple for mine cuz I like the look of them.

Sugar Skull


DIA DE LOS MUERTOS CONSUELA: This is a fun cool new costume for Consueala. No worries if you have not bought her yet, if you win her costume, the Flower will show as collected and wait in Al’s until you do buy her. At that point you can go ahead and create the costume for Consuela. It does have a questline and some funny tasks. Like her Dirty Dancing that will help earn 1 of the Graham or Chocolate Rockets. More info on her in a separate post.

Dia De Los Muertos Consuela 1

Dia De Los Muertos Consuela Dirty Dance 3 Dia De Los Muertos Consuela Dirty Dance 2 Dia De Los Muertos Consuela Dirty Dance


DEATH’S DOG: Sits on a 2×2 base. He is animated in that he wiggles his tail and jumps up n down. Looks almost as if he is trying to bark at someone.

Death's Dog


DIABETO: Sits on a 2×2 base. Not animated.Can someone get this rolly polly kid a carrot? I am curious just what he would do if he was animated. Maybe put a candy bar on the ground and have him try to reach for it? Honestly…I giggle when ever Jason walks by him and can’t help but think of the scene from Fat Camp.



LUCKY ALMEJA FOUNTAIN: Sits on a 3×3 base. This animation includes the water spouting out the top of the fountain and the candles flames seem to flicker.

Lucky Almeja Fountain


TAQUERIA LA ALMEJA GORDA: Sits on a 3×6 base. Not animated. Payout is 20 Spirit Vials and 4FP every 16hrs. It would be funny for it to have a silly horn when tapped, but it’s just the usual sounds. Taqueria La Almeja Gorda


OLD LADY OFRENDA: Sits on a 3×4 base. No animation on this one. It has a lot of really cool design elements to it. I giggled to see Diane and Francis’ portaits on it. There is also a Sugar Skull on it. Old Lady Ofrenda


One last item that came with the Box and will be leaving with the box too. Consuela Sale for 40% Off. If you want her at the discounted price, you better decide quickly as the Dia De Los Meurtos Box will go and take her discounted price with it. 

Consuela 40% Off Sale 180 Clams

There you have it. Some more interesting items to try and get for your town. Remember, this IS Limited Time and WILL end on November 4th (No time verified as of yet, will update if get one confirmed). So try your luck soon if you want any of these items.

What do you think of all these? What kind of luck did you have in this Prize Box? Get everything you wanted? Worth the try? Let us know.




72 responses to “Dia De Los Muertos Box

  1. The fact that they removed this box before the end of the event is just plain ridiculous – there is NOTHING to spend vials on ! Why not just leave the box there until the end of the event ? Crazy.
    Bring this box back Tiny Co. whilst there is still time for us to spend worthless vials !


    • yeah… actually i liked a lot of the Dia de Muertos decorations and buildins and now they are gone 😦 (got most of them.. 2 panaderias… but i wanted MORE!! they were too funny)


  2. This was an awesome touch, a good surprise Friday night. My only regret is that I only got one sugar skull! Alas, I still needed Mr. Weed, so I wanted to not spend any more spirit vials than I needed to. But yeah, I cleaned this box out… For Diabeto’s animation, I’m thinking he should roll away, or roll back and forth.


  3. D*** wanted deaths dog and they took the box away


  4. familyguyforever

    Got thecostume at last, was getting skulls yesterday, gave it a rest and concentrated on getting all the stuff to get Slimer. Gave it another try today and got it first time so happy now, and statting to save vials, got approx 2500 up again in anticapation of some thin new arriving. Finaly I noticed quiet a few addicts complaining of the skulls going into inventory, I won a few and have lots of other stuff in my inventory I will never use. Could Tiny not give us for example 1 clam conversion for all the stuff we have won including previous events that we do not need, maybe they could consider this, if not how about being to delete surplus stuff in inventory. Thank you


  5. Passed on the boxes, no place to put anything……..


  6. I saved up 300 clams without spending money and used them to get consuela just days before they knocked it down to 180. I feel like I wasted a ton of effort

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  7. i got consuela for this event after i got her costume. i haven’t had her for long but i am already loving it. (her dirty dance action is hilarious!)


  8. If they have changed the skull drop rate we should all ask for the Skulls to be sellable, as vials, or clams as i have 8 of them what a waste of cials especially when i still need , Mr Weed, Connie, and ALien Queen


  9. I am eagerly awaiting one more box withe the brian and stewie boxes and maybe a portal deco because that portal was gorgeous and the animations of the statues looked so spiritually magical it would be a shame to see them go and have no souvenirs of them.


  10. Yay I have everything wahooooo bought the characters as well seens as they were a sensible price. Would of been better if alien had Bruce’s voice though 😀


  11. I’ve got mixed feelings about this event.

    1. Things certainly ended off better than they started. That’s a plus. The whole event took a bit too long to ramp up, but when it did…

    2. Too much emphasis on premium content this time around. Compare that to the Comic Con event where there were as many characters to unlock as to buy. We got a few new freemium skins this time around, but it’s not quite the same. I’m sure that many people will have gone home without 3/4 of the horror baddies. Shame.

    3. Thematically, unlike Comic Con, there’s not a whole lot of focus here. One moment, it’s Ghostbusters. The next, it’s Elm Street. The moment after, Day of the Dead. It was all over the place and not in a good way. There were missed opportunities. No Bonnie version of Dana “Gatekeeper” Barrett. No Zuul. No turning Mort into a Terror Dog, like Luis Tully. Had they stuck to the Ghostbusters theme, it could have been REALLY funny.

    4. Like King Butt or the Demon Stewie game, the Stay Puft game is super flawed. Not only did they add a ridiculous 1hr timer between attacks, somebody clearly doesn’t know how to make smores. I’m fine with them somewhat randomozing which rockets characters drop. However, the level bar would suggest that there’s a predictable order to smore creation, which there isn’t. Cracker. Gas. Chocolate. Cracker. REPEAT. They don’t have to make it easy for us to get the rockets, but at least give us predictable items in the sequence. I wasted a lot of time playing for rockets I never needed, especially because of that 1hr gap.

    5. I know that people like when TinyCo adds new stuff, but it often seems as if they tend to do it to balance out gameplay that probably should’ve been balanced before the event began. For example, being able to sell back bombs or traps in exchange for vials. Totally unnecessary if they had just given characters more vial dropping tasks.

    6. Remind me why we’re even still bothering to keep track of levels anymore. Unless your character is totally new, accumulation of XP to level up is still meaningless.

    7. Did any event objects cost actual game (coin) currency? I don’t think so. It’s either been clams or vials. Non-event currency just keeps piling up. I don’t know about anybody else, but I’m closing in on 700k in accumulated game wealth since the last area opened up. Even if we still can’t use game currency to buy clams, at least give us the option to exchange some for vials.

    8. I know that the event gave us a lot to do, but why did it have to come at the expense of halting Stewie’s time machine story? They started what was promised to be an epic quest and then put it on hold of over a month. Now there’s a broken blimp sitting off of the coast. The least they could have done is, even if they didn’t finish it here, fold in some of those story elements into the Halloween event. At this point, with American Dad & Christmas on the way, I don’t expect them to finish/continue that blimp story until 2015.

    9. The Halloween decorations have been fairly lame. A few pumpkins. Variations of spooky trees. Lots of rotted looking bushes. ETC and so forth. All serviceable, but still pretty boring.

    10. Was anybody expecting more from that Diane story? It all wrapped up too quickly and uneventfully. Even Freddy got more to do.

    11. Make Cleveland and easy “get” for everybody so that he can be a bigger part of future events.

    12. Freddy. Jason. Alien. Predator. I’m thinking that somebody was watchng a few VS movies when they came up with these inclusions. As much as I like Alien and Predator, I’d have liked to have seen Michael Meyers and Pinhead instead. Stay on theme. Alien & Predator are sci-fi, not horror. Even if they couldn’t have gotten Michael Meyers, they still could have used Lois’ brother, the fat guy strangler, as a suitable stand-in.

    13. Give previously won event characters more to do. Having Kool-Aid man earn a few vials here and there is nice, but giving Stan Lee a Halloween themed task or even questline would’ve been nicer. I know that not everybody got him, but not everybody got Jason either and he got stuff to do. These premium & freemium won event characters don’t get much to do once their event is done. Disappointing.

    14. This is a bit premature to bring up, but I will anyway. Anybody notice how anti-climactic these events all end? There’s not much payoff.

    15. WHERE…WAS… DEATH?!?!? Did anybody else find it weird that such an obvious character to include in this event got overlooked. That they didn’t roll him out seems like a major oversight.

    All in all, I’d have to say that the event was pretty average. Compared to past events, this was the least focused. It was all over the map. I enjoyed the event, but I’d still give it a 7/10 – barely struggling to be average. Comic Con and King Butt were both better events.

    OT 1: If TinyCo plans on giving us new characters, which it seems that they do, more land might be in order. I know that this is a constant point of debate and that they’ll eventually have to stop expanding the map. Still, they keep on adding content. It’d be nice to actually place more of it.

    OT 2: Anybody else also think that they need to rethink the inventory system? How about organizing it like they sell it, in categories?

    OT 3: That character locater needs an update. It’s nice to find characters who are roaming around without stuff to do. However, I’d like it if they could fix it so that we can use it to find characters who are ALREADY doing stuff. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve lost track of a character and what they were doing.

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    • Wow…ranting insanely much? There were 3 characters to buy. There were 3 characters for free and 5 skins for free. How is that different than the ComicCon event?

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    • Agreed, on all points! Couldn’t have summed it up better myself. Especially #15, Death would have been a great choice to release during this event and tie into future events in game.

      The only thing I will add, that I didn’t like is the method to progress through the event being broken into two different things, spirit vials & FP. In past events the single method, the event currency, was the only thing used. This seems to have made it way more difficult to get enough vials for at least all the cool items and require you to depend on buying clams…. Sucks some of the fun right out when it feels like how much money you’re willing to put in is the only way to get far in the event. If only they would let us sell back some of the cauldron ingredients for vials instead of rockets!


    • I loved this event. I thought there was so much they did right with it. I liked it enough to do the clam mystery boxes – and I got everything I wanted from them.


  12. does the dia de los meurtos skin of consuela, stay in al’s costume shop even after the event? Please let me know


  13. I have over 1,000 candy corn and 400 talons…and alot of the others too plus 45k vials. I hope they release more box prizes


  14. I’ve been playing pretty much every 2 hours since the event started (and probably before that too lol) and I’ve still got quite a few event buildings and the cauldron decos to buy. Figure I need 15,000 more vials to cover it – I hope I can get enough before the event ends. I managed to get Mr Weed, all the costumes – conseula’s costume took ages for me and I’ve got 8 sugar skulls that will forever sit in my inventory 😦 I’ve got over 200 of most of the brewing items that I’m hoping we can convert to vials in the coming days, and I just hope that Tiny don’t add anymore items that I need to craft or buy as I can see me staying up at night to get every last vial I can lol


    • Yeah, I wish they allowed the sell back (at a drastically lower return) of the “penalty” wins from the various boxes. While one or two sugar skulls are fine, 8 is excessive and getting say 25 to 50 vials or 100 coins would be a good tradeoff.


  15. I got quite lucky. First 3 were were truck, old lady and a skull. Then ban all 3 rare prizes. Only missing the fountain. Not sure if it’s worth one more gamble but I already have everything from the cauldron so the final 2500 vials were gonna be spent on decos anyway.

    Still overall great event. Got everything I could want so super happy. Might do a special area just for it. I also wrote to tiny co requesting a refund as I only purchased consuela for the event and then she went on sale. Will advise of the result when they contact me.

    Are you doing a DIA DE LOS MUERTOS walk through?


  16. Odd… I got everything from this box and Pt.1 of Consuela’s new quest line still says that I need to get her costume. I already paid the requisite vials and won its. It’s no longer in the box. The quest line won’t advance me past Pt.1 though. Weird. Could it be because I haven’t actually bought her yet?


  17. I wish I could convert candy corn to vials. I have over 1000 corn.

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  18. Can I request something very random?
    Can you girls upload an image of every character in the FaceSpace, because now I notice that George Takei doesn’t appear in my “web”


  19. If Tinyco releases another box tomorrow, it better either cost items or it better come with a ingredient converter. I NEED more VIALS!!!

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    • Demanding are we? Lol 😛


      • Me: Looks onto Family Guy twitter page. Sees that they have more items up their sleeve.

        Me: Goes into standard action shooter game.

        Me: Chooses automatic rifle and shoots in the air while yelling, “D*** IT!!!.”

        This message is to let TinyCo know, please no more vial costing stuff, just more vials.

        (This message has been approved by me and most likely the addicts)


  20. I got all the prizes with 3 skulls. Have quite a few vials left, tons of rockets left, tons of jars of everything, tons of $, all the quests done, so now what?


  21. “Oh of course, another limited-time mystery box. Great,” thought Mr MuMpY when he saw yet another gamble I most likely couldn’t afford. “Wait, it’s FREEMIUM!?” I saved up spirit vials, crossed my fingers, and started buying Dia De Los Muertos boxes on Saturday. Got every deco, Consuela’s costume, and only 3 sugar skulls! Super stoked to see Diabeto in there. Hopefully they add animation to him a bit later like they have a few decos this event… “Mama, can I have cookie?” “Nooo Diabeto. Roll back to kitchen.” “Ooo…”

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  22. I was worried about not getting everything, but I just got Mr. Weed this morning and decided to go for Consuela and got her on the 5th try 🙂 So I still have to work on getting Slimer, but I have plenty of time now that I don’t have to worry about getting Mr. Weed and Consuela. Thanks TinyCo for this event. I spent all my hard earned clams for this one and considering buying 😉

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  23. Got all the prizes with only two skulls. Here’s hoping they release another one to spend the 20,000 vials I still have after getting everything available.

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  24. Good news: I got mr weed. Bad news is that I got only decorations.was hoping for Consuela


  25. I have basically no spirit vials but have more than a hundred of candy corn, banshee tears, etc. Sure wish there was something I could use them on. Got everything brewed at least. Now time to concentrate on Tom Tucker and Vinny.

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  26. Just as more of a question, am I the only person that has really struggled buying the cauldron/new outfits with spirit vials for this event? I’ve unlocked 34 characters up until now (still trying for Mr Weed fingers crossed!) and my only thing holding me back has been the spirit vials. Great event and thoroughly enjoyed it but curious as to whether my strategy has been wrong or if others felt the same? Although saying that the Consuela costume box cost me 5000 vials as I ended up with everything and about 3/4 skulls!

    Can’t wait for the next event…


  27. My timer on the event menu says there are 3 days + left in the event but everyone in the site is saying the event ends tomorrow..any idea which is correct?


    • Event? Or the Box. As this post states…it is just the mystery box.


      • I’m confused I guess..on the home tab of the witch’s cauldron it has 3 days 19 hours and 29 minutes remaining..why they have it listed that way if it’s only for the box is beyond me..but I do thank you for your help =)


        • The box is an item. If you go to your menu…not the cauldron, but items menu. Tap on the Rupert Box. It shows the date of 4th.


          • Oooooh..no I was talking about the timer for the entire event..not just the muertos box..I did see that the box event is over on the 4th yeah..maybe that’s where I got confused. People were saying the event was over on the 4th and I thought they meant the ENTIRE thing..my bad! =)


  28. After I finished the last of the brewed items I bought the box and the first item was Consuela’s skin. Now I get to buy boxes for the extra items.


  29. On their Twitter was mention today of more tricks up their sleves
    It was in reply to someone saying they had so much leftover currency
    Any ideas what else might hit??


  30. They need to fix it and give me my clams I bought I’ve been waiting over a week to get them and I still haven’t received them


  31. I got costume on first try!


  32. Little note. The correct word for dead is muertos not meurtos. 😉


  33. Yay, I finally got Conseula’s outfit!!! Since I knew I had more time for Halloween to get things and had 2000+ in Vials saved I’d thought I’d give it another shot. First I got Diabeto and with just Conseula left I got her.

    Now its just down to buying Conseula or Alien with Clams. I could get Alien if I unlock PB&J Brian to unlock Stewie, but still need 1 more Maracas.


  34. Because I’m greedy, I do wish this event currency box would let you win clams, as that would be the only way to justify playing the premium currency boxes.

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  35. I wonder if they changed the drop pattern today, I got every item with no multiples of skulls, people were posting yesterday that they had tried 13 times and ended up with all skulls

    Will the other consuela themed items not in the box also go away on the 4th?


  36. Got all items. Liked this event so far. Only missed Cleveland. and his suit.


  37. Margaret C. Williams

    I got everything in the box and includes 4 of the skulls but that’s ok. I did break down and spend my hard earned clams for Consuela as the outfit was something I wanted. This was a Great Event for Halloween!!! I got everything I wanted and still have vials to use for whatever.


  38. Wait what time would it end in central time.


  39. WHEN on Nov 4, if we know for sure? Well, not we, per se, but you!


  40. I had great luck with this one and managed to score all of the other prizes before even getting a skull.


    • Ditto. Got the Consuela outfit on try #2 followed by the entire set of items, finally getting a skull at the end.

      Now I have nothing left to spend my Spirit Vials on 😦


  41. I tried 2 boxes before they released Slimer. Hit the taco truck and the fountain. If I hit the outfit I would have spend the cash to Consuela, so I guess lucky me that I missed. Kind of wished I hadn’t because I am going to be really tight finishing this event.


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